How do I report an error in a crosstable?


Corrections to rated events must come from the Tournament Director or the sponsoring US Chess Affiliate . If you believe there is an error in an event you played in, please contact the TD or Affiliate to have them submit a correction.

Events that were initially rated after January 1, 2004, can be corrected and rerated, those from earlier events can be corrected but generally that correction will not affect your current rating.

TDs need to send corrections to

In order to enter those changes quickly (or if sending corrections to the US Chess office), here’s a checklist of the information that will be needed:

  • The 12 digit Event ID and event name.
  • The section number and name.
  • The players’ pairing numbers. (Keep in mind that the pairing numbers as shown on MSA may not match those in the original rating report. We need the original pairing numbers.)
  • The players’ Member IDs and names. (Please note: The pairing numbers in our internal records may not match the ones shown on MSA, because the MSA results are in final standings order. If an ID appears more than once in the crosstable, correctly or because of an ID error, you will need to provide enounformation, such as the final score or round-by-round results, to uniquely identify the pairing # that needs to be changed.)
  • If player IDs need to be changed, list the correct IDs and player names.
  • If game results need to be changed, list the results as originally reported and the corrections needed.
  • If the event was rated under the wrong rating system (eg, dual rated when it should be quick-rated only), we need the correct time control for the section.
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