The crosstable for one of my events says that I finished in 3rd place, but I took 2nd place. Why doesn’t the crosstable show that?


Crosstables are NOT SHOWN in tiebreak order. That’s because we do not know what tiebreak methods were used! Even if we did know what tiebreaks were used, some of the tiebreak methods cannot be regenerated from the crosstable of an event. (For example, ‘performance rating’ will use whatever ratings the TD had for players at the start of that event, which are probably not the same pre-event ratings that show on the crosstable.) Although it is not common, there are occasions in which the crosstable has to be adjusted to have the proper information needed for ratings purposes but it may not reflect the standings and tiebreaks that were used to distribute prizes.

We do sort the crosstables into point group order. Within a point group, players are in order by their post-event rating.

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