Don Stubblebine Memorial Monday Night League

Rochester Chess Center

Event Overview

Rochester Chess Center Monday League


     Don Stubblebine (“things are getting tactical”) Memorial


New Format

10 weeks, USCF rated, starting Jan 9th, 2023.

$30 per player.  Discounts: $2 less if played in the previous league,

                                                 $5 less if high school or younger

                                                 $5 less if Chess Center member

Build your own 4 player team:

      Average rating for any team is below 1800 based on Dec ’22 list.  Unrated players will be assumed to be rated 1200, any rated player under 1000 will be assumed to be rated 1000 for the purpose of calculating the team average rating.

     Swiss System format for the first 5 rounds, then clean pairings Swiss System format for rounds 6 thru 9 (where teams may be paired with an opponent they had already played in the first 5 rounds), then position pairings for round 10.

Weighted board values to determine match result:  Board 1 = 8 points, board 2 = 7, board 3 = 6, board 4 = 5.

Time control: Game in 90 minutes with 5 second delay.

All games must be played on the scheduled Monday night.

Prizes: Match points used to determine league placing, board points used as first tiebreaker.

                          Top team overall

                     Top team under 1500

    Each player on the above 2 teams will receive:

         1. $60 certificate to spend on Chess Center lessons, equipment, or entry fees to events at the Chess Center.

         2. Choice of Don Stubblebine donated book.


221 Norris Drive
Rochester, NY 14610
United States

Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund:
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Ronald Lohrman
Phone: 585-442-2430