Departments by staff and duties

Main Number US Chess   314.661.9500 or
Updated January 18, 2023      
Press Inquiries/Communications     4
  Dan Lucas 142
Development     5
Donations and fundraising Geoff Isaak 143
Membership 1
All membership issues, including : Korey Kormick 136
joining/renewing; Chris Green 138
change of address; Laird Davis 141
magazine not received; Joshua Lawson 140
affiliate issues;      
website login issues      
Events     3
National events, event bidding Boyd Reed 146
Online events, TD staff for national events Pete Karagianis 931.200.9477
 FIDE events, ratings, and titles Brian Yang 147
Certified Coach Program Korey Kormick 136
Tournament Director certification Brian Yang    
US Chess ratings / rating reports / Master certificates Korey Kormick 136
Correspondence Chess Michael Buss  
Submitting National Event Bids  
Applying to be a TD at national events  
General questions about National Events  
Women's Programs Jennifer Shahade 931.787.4162
Program Coordinator Danielle Little 931.248.6734
Magazines and Publications     4
Chess Life John Hartmann  
Chess Life Kids John Hartmann  
Tournament Life Announcements Melinda Matthews  
Advertising Melinda Matthews  
Digital/CLO JJ Lang  
Accounting     2
Invoices, refunds, email blast payments Debra Robison 130
Information Technology      
Infrastructure Development Emanuel London  
State chapter & delegate updates, elections Jennifer Pearson 931-787-3425
  Rose McMahon 931-248-6064  
Abuse Hotline     8