Correspondence Chess Events Offered by US Chess

Entering a Correspondence Chess Event

Members who want to enter a Correspondence Chess (CC) tournament can click on this link to our online entry system. You can also mail your entry to pay by check or money order but please provide your information (US Chess ID#, Name, Event type, Email (if have one) and importantly a phone number and send it to: US Chess; Attn: Correspondence Chess, PO Box 3967, Crossville, TN 38557.

General Information for All US Chess CC Events

  • Your US Chess membership must remain current for the duration of all correspondence chess events.
  • Postal events are open only to US Chess members who reside on the contiguous USA, Alaska, Hawaii or have an APO/FPO postal address.
  • Email events are open to all US Chess members with an accessible email account.
  • ICCF Server events are open to all US Chess members with access to the ICCF internet based correspondence chess server and an ICCF account in good standing. ICCF accounts are free to create, please see information below. ICCF events are US Chess CC rated but are not ICCF rated.
  • For events with groupings based on ratings, the following rating classes will be used:
    • Class A: 1800 and above
    • Class B: 1500-1999
    • Class C: 1200-1699
    • Class D: 1399 and below
  • Newcomers are welcome for most events. If you do not have an existing correspondence rating, please estimate your playing strength when submitting your entry.
  • Correspondence chess gift certificate prizes can be used on correspondence chess entries only. They cannot be used for membership renewals or at US Chess Sales.
  • All events are paired as soon as a suitable pairing can be attained. However, sometimes it can take a while to pair events, especially ones requiring a higher numbers of players that have rating, or other restrictions and so please expect some wait time before your event begins.

Creating an ICCF Account

Please note that an International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) account is required to participate in the Victor Palciauskas and Walter Muir Tournaments. If you do not have an ICCF account, it is recommended to sign up for one prior to registering for these events. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Visit and sign up for an ICCF account. On the main registration page, in the Message section please enter “I have signed up for a US Chess correspondence chess event.”
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from ICCF. It is very important you respond to this email and confirm your account within 24 hours.
  3. Once your account is confirmed as set up, you will receive a final email from ICCF on which the US Chess CCD will be copied. After this step is complete you will be available to be assigned to US Chess ICCF events.

Special Rating Procedures for US Chess ICCF events:

A participant who has both a US Chess Correspondence Chess rating and an ICCF rating will be assigned the higher of the two ratings to determine the grouping based on ratings.


  1. Participant "A" has a US Chess CC rating of 1547 (Class B-C) and an ICCF rating of 2280 (Class A); participant "A" will be placed in the Class A grouping.
  2. Participant "B" is unrated in US Chess CC (Class D) and an ICCF rating of 1841 (Class A); participant "B" will be placed in the Class A grouping.
  3. Participant "C" has a US Chess CC rating of 2046 (Class A) and an ICCF rating of 1985 (Class A-B); participant "C" will be placed in the Class A grouping.




Entry fee: $25.00; players can enter multiple times but not more than 10 times.

Enjoy the excitement of competing in our 80th Annual Golden Knights Championship (postal) or 19th Annual Electronic Knights event (email). These events can offer three rounds of competition for those who score 4½ or more in each round. Those who score less than 4½ in the Preliminary round will receive a gift certificate valued at $10.00 and those who do not score 4½ or more in the Semifinal round receive a certificate suitable for framing. For the Preliminary and Semifinal rounds, if no player within the seven player group scores 4½ or more, those with 4 are advanced. Those players who complete all three rounds with no forfeit losses will receive commemoarative chess pin and can possibly win prize money depending on their weighted-point score.

Both of these events have a prize fund of $2,300.00 which is based on 200 entries which is distributed among the top 10 places as follows:

  • First Place: $800.00 plus title of 2022 Golden Knights Champion or 2022 Electronic Knights Champion and plaque
  • Second: $500.00
  • Third: $300.00
  • Fourth-Tenth: $100.00 each

The Special Rules for the 2022 Golden Knights Championship and the 2022 Electronic Knights Championship are posted at



Entry fee is $5.00 per person in these seven player, round robin events with class level pairings. You play all games simultaneously against all six opponents. First place finisher receives a certificate signed by Victor Palciauskas, suitable for framing.




A $10.00 entry fee enters you into a tournament with three other players near your own class. You play two games simultaneously with each opponent (one White/one Black) using one set of postcards or on the ICCF server, for a total of six games. First place finisher receives a $25.00 US Chess CC gift certificate and a certificate suitable for framing.



Matches are played against one opponent with the option of playing two, four or six games either via regular mail or email. If you need an opponent, we'll find you one around your same playing strength or you can name your own opponent if you have one. Entry fee for each player, regardless of how many games, is $5.00 per person ($10 total if you name your own opponent).

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