Electronic Knights 2020 Final and Semi-Final Section Standings

Updated 6/18/2023

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Electronic Knights 2020: 20ENf01 9/5/22

#NameRatingStRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5 Rd 6Rd 7Total
1Michael D Buss2431INW7 (b)D6 (w) W5 (b)W4 (w)D3 (b)X2U--- 5.0
2Johnny Owens2271KYF6F5 F4F3U---F1F7 0.0
3Robert P Cousins2264NHW5 (b)D4 (w) U---X2D1 (w)W7 (b)D6 (w) 4.5
4Gerald H Weiner2229CTU---D3 (b) X2L1 (b)W7 (w)L6 (b)W5 (w) 3.5
5Brian C Wiggin2087ALL3 (w)X2 L1 (w)W7 (b)D6 (w)U---L4 (b) 2.5
6John Chirillo2042ILX2D1 (b) W7 (w)U---D5 (b)W4 (w)D3 (b) 4.5
7Stuart W Collins1800LAL1 (w)U--- L6 (b)L5 (w)L4 (b)L3 (w)X2 1.0

Electronic Knights 2020: 20ENs01 7/27/20

#NameRatingStRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5 Rd 6Rd 7Total
1Michael D Buss2429INW7 (b)W6 (w) W5 (b)W4 (w)D3 (b)D2 (w)U--- 5.0
2Johnny Owens2257KYD6 (b)W5 (w) X4W3 (w)U---D1 (b)W7 (w) 5.0
3Hernandez Preces2143FLW5 (b)D4 (w) U---L2 (b)D1 (w)W7 (b)D6 (w) 3.5
4Kendrick Aung1951TXU---D3 (b) F2L1 (b)D7 (w)F6F5 1.0
5David J Schmidt1874WAL3 (w)L2 (b) L1 (w)D7 (b)L6 (w)U---X4 1.5
6Rober Heisler Jr1982ARD2 (w)L1 (b) W7 (w)U---W5 (b)X4D3 (b) 4.0
7David W Cofer1580TXL1 (w)U--- L6 (b)D5 (w)D4 (b)L3 (w)L2 (b) 1.0

Electronic Knights 2020: 20ENS02 11/30/20

#NameRatingStRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5 Rd 6Rd 7Total
1Michael D Buss2450INW7 (b)W6 (w) D5 (b)D4 (w)D3 (b)D2 (w)U--- 4.0
2Lawren Crittenton2053CAL6 (b)D5 (w) L4 (b)D3 (w)U---D1 (b)W7 (w) 2.5
3John Walton2325WAD5 (b)D4 (w) U---D2 (b)D1 (w)D7 (b)W6 (w) 3.5
4Johnny Owens2304KYU---D3 (b) W2 (w)D1 (b)W7 (w)D6 (b)D5 (w) 4.0
5Robert Cousins2190NHD3 (w)D2 (b) D1 (w)W7 (b)W6 (w)U---D4 (b) 4.0
6Dennis Geisleman2118INW2 (w)L1 (b) D7 (w)U---L5 (b)D4 (w)L3 (b) 2.0
7John Richardson2107TXL1 (w)U--- D6 (b)L5 (w)L4 (b)D3 (w)L2 (b) 1.0

Electronic Knights 2020: 20ENS03 1/19/21

#NameRatingStRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5 Rd 6Rd 7Total
1Michael D Buss2460IND7 (b)W6 (w) W5 (b)W4 (w)D3 (b)D2 (w)U--- 4.5
2Johnny Owens2306KYW6 (b)W5 (w) D4 (b)D3 (w)U---D1 (b)W7 (w) 4.5
3Brian C Wiggin2027ALW5 (b)D4 (w) U---D2 (b)D1 (w)W7 (b)W6 (w) 4.5
4James Leonard1904NMU---D3 (b) D2 (w)L1 (b)W7 (w)W6 (b)W5 (w) 4.0
5Robert Angres1851CAL3 (w)L2 (b) L1 (w)W7 (b)D6 (w)U---L4 (b) 1.5
6John Finnegan1802PAL2 (w)L1 (b) W7 (w)U---D5 (b)L4 (w)L3 (b) 1.5
7Dylan Clark1425DED1 (w)U--- L6 (b)L5 (w)L4 (b)L3 (w)L2 (b) 0.5

Electronic Knights 2020: 20ENS04 7/02/21

#NameRatingStRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5 Rd 6Rd 7Total
1Edward F Krickel1795GAL7 (b)X6 D5 (b)D4 (w)L3 (b)D2 (w)U--- 2.5
2Johnny Owens2313KYX6D5 (w) W4 (b)W3 (w)U---D1 (b)L7 (w) 4.0
3Alexander Groysman1638TXL5 (b)D4 (w) U---L2 (b)W1 (w)D7 (b)X6 3.0
4Mark Goodwin1638RIU---D3 (b) L2 (w)D1 (b)L7 (w)X6L5 (w) 2.0
5Gary Andrus1996WIW3 (w)D2 (b) D1 (w)W7 (b)X6U---W4 (b) 5.0
6Patrick A Walsh1944NYF2F1 F7U---F5F4F3 0.0
7Stuart W Collins1738LAW1 (w)U--- X6L5 (w)W4 (b)D3 (w)W2 (b) 4.5

Electronic Knights 2020: 20ENS05 07/31/21

#NameRatingStRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5 Rd 6Rd 7Total
1Gerald H Weiner2242CTD7 (b)W6 (w) W5 (b)D4 (w)D3 (b)D2 (w)U--- 4.0
2Michael D Buss2430IND6 (b)W5 (w) D4 (b)D3 (w)U---D1 (b)D7 (w) 3.5
3John Chirillo1598ILW5 (b)D4 (w) U---D2 (b)D1 (w)D7 (b)W6 (w) 4.0
4Johnny Owens2315KYU---D3 (b) D2 (w)D1 (b)D7 (w)D6 (b)W5 (w) 3.5
5Timothy Julkowski1892IDL3 (w)L2 (b) L1 (w)L7 (b)L6 (w)U---L4 (b) 0.0
6Brian C Wiggin2085ALD2 (w)L1 (b) W7 (w)U---W5 (b)D4 (w)L3 (b) 3.0
7Ricardo M Romero1928CAD1 (w)U--- L6 (b)W5 (w)D4 (b)D3 (w)D2 (b) 3.0