The CLK Opening Project

December 2023 - The Scandinavian


Opening analysis



Scandi-themed Tactics Tuesdays

King Safety in the Scandi

Boden's Mate in the Scandi

John Bartholomew's Scandi Highlights

The d4-d5 break against the Scandi




October 2023 - The Two Knights


Opening analysis



Bonus analysis of the Halloween Gambit:



For the complete study, with analysis broken down into ten individual files, visit


Two Knights-themed Tactics Tuesdays

Trapped Queens and Weak Kings

Pins and King Hunts

Is It Safe?


Halloween Gambit-themed Tactics Tuesdays

Halloween Gambit Spooktacular


August 2023 - The Evans Gambit


Opening analysis



For the complete study, including the analysis broken down into five individual files, visit:


Evans Gambit-themed Tactics Tuesdays

Evans Against the King

Deflection in the Evans

Defend Against the Evans

21st Century Evans