Chaturanga IAOK Open 2024

Oklahoma City Chess Club

Event Overview

The Indian Association of Oklahoma presents, Chaturanga 2024!

DateMay 4, 2024 (Saturday)


Oklahoma City Chess Club

10 NE 10th St
Ste 202

Oklahoma City, OK 73104


  • Four Rounds - Swiss Pairings
  • G/45; d5
  • US Chess Dual Rated (Quick + Regular)
  • Sections - Open; U1600; U1000


Round1 – 10:00 AM

Subsequent rounds will begin ASAP. Players are advised not to leave the playing venue except between rounds 2 and 3 when there will be a 30-minute break after the last game has finished.

Lunch Break: 30 mins after 2nd Round

Prize Ceremony – After completion of each Section.

Entry Fee: $30

Important Notes –

  • Anyone can play up within 100 points.
  • Only May Month’s supplement USCF rating will be considered.
  • Unrated players can play in any sections based on or lichess rating. If no rating available, then recommended section U1000 or U1600
  • USCF membership required; Join/renew during registration. Link is provided on registration page. (Offer - Tournament entry fee is waived for a new US Chess member who has never played a USCF rated game).

Registration Link =>  Click Here

See the Entry List here => Click Here

Registration Deadline:

  • Online registration is available till midnight May 2, 2024.
  • If space is available, same-day registration will be open from 9:00 to 9:30 AM. Players who register after 9:30 will receive a half-point bye in the first round.

Max capacity: 60 players

Sections and Prizes: (Trophy Guaranteed but Cash prize is based on 50 PAID participants)

Open –

  •         1st - Trophy or plaque + $200 Cash
  •         2nd - Trophy
  •         3rd - Trophy  
  •         Special Prize for Top U1800
U1600 –
  •         1st - Trophy or plaque + $120 Cash
  •         2nd - Trophy
  •         3rd - Trophy 
  •         Special Prize for Top U1200

    U1000 –

    •         1st - Trophy or plaque + $60 Cash
    •         2nd - Trophy
    •         3rd - Trophy 
    •         Special Prize for Top U600


    • Cash prizes will be distributed per USCF cash prize rules and will not be affected by tiebreaks of any kind.
    • Tiebreaking procedures described below will be used to determine trophy winners.
    • Should a two-way tie for first place occur in any section, a two-game, unrated, G/5 blitz match will be held to determine the trophy winners. If a tie persists, an Armageddon game shall be played with a base time of G/5, and the players will bid times to determine who will play with the black pieces. A draw result in the Armageddon game will be scored as a win for Black.
    • Standard USCF tiebreaks will only be used to determine the top two players to enter the playoff match if three or more players tie for first place. See rule 34E, 34E1-3, and 34E10 in the USCF's Official Rules of Chess for tiebreak details.

    Additional Information:

      • Boards and pieces provided. Players must bring their own clocks.
      • USCF membership required; Join/renew during registration: Click Here
      • Players must be familiar with the USCF's Official Rules of Chess : Click Here
      • Only one 1/2-point bye available for rounds 1-4 prior to round pairing.
      • 1/2-point bye for last round must be requested prior to round 1.
      • Limited space available. Registration subject to early closure.
      • Unrated players must play in the Open section to compete for prizes.
      • Top boards in Open section will be broadcast live online!

    Special Notices:

    This event will be held on the second floor of an office building with a busy restaurant downstairs and a staircase to get to the second floor. An elevator is available as well. Participants and their families and friends are encouraged to enjoy the restaurant on Friday night and Saturday during business hours. After the restaurant has closed, please do not try to enter the restaurant as simply touching the door will trigger their alarm.

    Most importantly, the OKC Chess Club will be a good neighbor to our fellow businesses. We will ensure all event patrons conduct themselves in a safe and orderly manner. Children under 18 must NOT be left unattended under any circumstances! Parents who are playing must not bring their child to the tournament unless another parent or guardian is present to supervise the child while the parent is playing, even if the child is also playing in the tournament.

    Please help us and thank our neighbor Kamp’s Cafe by purchasing something from Kamp's delicious and affordable menu. It is open until 2 PM on Saturday.

    The IAOK / OKC Chess Club reserves the right to remove anyone from the premises who is causing excessive disruption to the tournament, is acting in an unsafe or disorderly manner, or who leaves a child unattended. If removal of a parent or child is required which would also leave a unaccompanied child in the tournament, then the child will also be removed from the event and their current game forfeited.

    Contact – For any clarification related to registration / cancellation, please email to -

    IAOK - Click here to show mail address

    Joel - Click here to show mail address

    Useful Links:

    To Register for the event:  Click Here

    To See the Entry List: Click Here

    For USCF's Official Rules of Chess: Click Here

    To Join/Renew USCF Membership: Click Here

    Kamp's Cafe Delicious and Affordable Menu: Click Here


    10 NE 10th St
    Ste 202
    Oklahoma City, OK 73104
    United States

    Sections: 3
    Grand Prix Points:
    Prize Fund:
    FIDE Rated: No
    Handicap Accessible: Yes
    Residency Restriction: No
    Online Event: No

    Organizer Overview

    Oklahoma City Chess Club
    Phone: (405) 673-5454
    Submission ID