Arlington Chess Club Open 79

East Library and Recreation Center

Event Overview

More Info and Registration

Three Sections

  • Open - All ratings and unrated players. ($30 early; $40 onsite) 4 Rounds, G/40;d5
  • Reserve (U1400) - Ratings under 1400 and unrated players. ($30 early; $40 onsite) 4 Rounds, G/40;d5
  • Novice (U900) - Open to all US Chess members with ratings under 900 or unrated players


Four rounds at a time control of G/40;d5.

Round One: 9:00 AM
Round Two: 10:40 AM
Round Three: 1:00 PM
Round Four: 2:40 PM

Entry Fee

Early Registration is $30. Onsite Registration is $40. Early registration ends at 11:00 pm the day before or when the event reaches capacity. The tournament will be initially limited to 50 players. If more than 50 players register, we may rent more space for additional capacity.


  • Open and Reserve - Cash Prizes. 
  • Novice Section - Top two finishers will receive small plaques.

More Info and Registration


  • Byes - If requested before the start of the first round, one 1/2 point bye may be taken in any but the last round. Other byes are zero points.
  • Equipment - We provide sets and clocks. 
  • Membership - Current US Chess Federation membership is required and may be purchased on-site.
  • Cash Prizes - The prize fund will be 90% of what is left after expenses are deducted from entry fees.
  • Late Arrival - Players who pay early will be paired during the first round whether or not they have arrived. Unregistered players arriving after 8:50 AM may be given a 1/2 point bye, be given a zero point bye, or be paired outside of standard pairing rules at the tournament director's discretion.
  • Round Times - Start times for some rounds may be delayed due to previous rounds running longer than expected.

Parents/Guardians of Minors

We welcome children to play in our tournament, but please be aware of the following:

  • Your child will play against adults, will be treated like an adult, and will be expected to interact like an adult.
  • Your child will not be supervised by us.
  • If a child is under 16 years old, a parent/guardian must remain in the building unless an exception is given by the tournament organizer.

1817 New York Ave.
Arlington, TX 76010
United States

Grand Prix Points:
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FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

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Arlington Chess Club
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