8th Annual Magnus High School and Junior High Chess League!

Columbia Grammar and Prep. High School Cafeteria

Event Overview

Oct. 9, Nov. 6, Dec. 4, Jan. 22, Mar. 5, May 7   8th Annual Magnus High School and Junior High Chess League!

Columbia Grammar and Prep. High School Cafeteria, 36 W. 93rd St. (bet. Central Park West & Columbus Ave., near 96th St. subways), NYC. Open to grades 7-12 born after 5/7/03.  6 separate events, each is a 2-SS on each match date listed, 3 sections Note changes): 1. Varsity (1800+ at match date or within prior year, and invitees), G/60, d30  (FIDE-rated for players rated Under 2400 FIDE).  2. Junior-Varsity (Under 2000 official rating at match date or unr.), G/60, d303. Novice (Under 1200 official rating at match date or unr.), G/60, d10.  May be limited to 64 players each date (entries may be subject to wait list). Individual prizes (paid to top 2 scores after both rounds on each match date in each section): Varsity, $130-80, Junior-Varsity, $100-50, Novice, $60-40 ($40 prize limit to unr). Prize amounts may be adjusted up to 2 weeks before each match date. Team prizes: free/reduced price  entry to 1 Continental Chess tmt.  thru 12/31/23 to the 4-top-scoring players from same school across all 3 sections after all 6 matches, plaques to top 3 overall team scores. Mixed Doubles (2-player male/female team, avg. rating U2200, may be in different sections and from different schools, must sign-up by 1/22, no extra fee): free/reduced price entry to 1 CCA tmt. thru 12/31/23 to 1st Mixed Doubles team, chess sets to top 3 Mixed Doubles. Free/reduced price  entries courtesy of Continental Chess and are valid for specified CCA non-scholastic tmts. with 100% guaranteed prizes. Additional awards updated on website. Rounds: Varsity, 10 am-1:30 pm; Junior-Varsity, 10 am-1:30 pm and Novice, 10 am-12:30 pm (all earlier if feasible) each match date. EF: $40 each date per player if paid by 5 pm the day before match, $50 later, by 9 am each date. Optional $800 EF per school for up to 8 players for all 6 match dates. Ent: www.magnusleague.org. Each date’s games submitted for USCF rating prior to next date’s games; Varsity games may be submitted to FIDE on separate schedule. Players must re-confirm before each date; official USCF rating list in effect on each date used for that date (Online Regular used if no OTB Regular; unofficial USCF ratings usually used if otherwise unrated). Prize limit $40 if Online Regular Rating is over 100 points over section or prize maximum. Prizes may be paid by PayPal (may take over a week). Limit 8 half-point byes over all 6 match dates (2 byes Max. Mar.5 - May 7), commit by Mar. 4. (by May 5 for players with minus scores if team also has minus score), all byes for 2nd game of match date must also commit by 11 am on match date. $20 fine for forfeits. Current USCF membership required to play each date. Teammate pairings avoided but possible.  See www.magnusleague.org for Covid policies, rules and special situations, as well as ongoing important updates. Bonus Points and/or prizes may also be awarded and tiebreaks may include credit for playing each round (see website for updates). Bring digital clocks! Info: director@magnusleague.org, chesscentr@gmail.com. $15 service charge for refunds. School purchase orders: Chess Center of NY, PO Box 4615, New Windsor, NY 12553.


36 West 93rd Street
(bet. Central Park West & Columbus Ave., near 96th St. subways)
New York, NY 10025
United States

Sections: 3
Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund: $450 per match date
FIDE Rated: Yes
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Chess Center of New York
Email: chesscentr@gmail.com
Phone: 347-201-2269 (leave message, but email is better)