7th annual Eastern Class Blitz

Internet Chess Club

Event Overview

APRIL 30: 7th annual Eastern Class Blitz
11-SS, G/3+2, at Internet Chess Club. $600 guaranteed prizes. Must be on Zoom (use real name) to be eligible for prizes (side/rear camera angle), see ccazoom.com. One section, open to all. Prizes $200-100-60, top U2100 $90, U1800/Unr $80, U1500 $70. Entry fee at chessaction.com: $27 by 4/29, $40 by 7 pm EDT 4/30, both $10 less if playing in Eastern Class 5/1-2, no entry after 6 pm EDT 4/30. New players (first CCA event on ICC) enter by 4/29 or risk not being paired for round 1. GMs $25 from prize. Log into playcca.com 30 minutes before game. Round 1 begins 8 pm EDT. Other rounds ASAP; 15 minute break after round 6. Should finish by 11 pm EDT. Half point byes: Available all rounds, limit 2 byes, must be claimed with registration, cannot be changed. Online Blitz rated (will not affect OTB ratings), Online Regular ratings used for pairings & prizes (OTB Regular used if no Online Regular). $15 service charge for refunds. WARNING: YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN WHEN PAIRINGS ARE ISSUED, OR YOU WILL NOT BE PAIRED.


Sturbridge, MA 01566
United States

Sections: 1
Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund: $600
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: Yes

Organizer Overview

Continental Chess Association
Email: director@chess.us
Phone: 3472012269

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