78th Peter P. Lahde Tennessee OPEN and State Championship! (2024)

Grand Prix, Junior Grand Prix, State Championship Event
Memphis Chess Club

Event Overview

Hotels listed at the bottom.  Also, Simul with GM Alex Fishbein, Sep 29th, 5pm.


Biggest TN Open and State Championship Prize Ever

Improvements made based on 2022 Feedback!!


$6,025 in prizes, $3,025 Gtd.** (met based-on in 2022)

Sep 27-29, 2022


Schedule A: 3ss G90+30 and 2ss G90d5,


Schedule B: 1ss G65d5 and merge with Schedule A


(2) round-1 options! (see bottom)


Open Section Prizes

1st Plaque + $1000

2nd $450

3rd $350


1st Plaque + $300

2nd $250

Class A(1800-1999)

1st Plaque + $275

2nd $225

Class B and Below (<=1799)

1st Plaque + $250

2nd $200

Top JR (<20yrs, non-bonus)

1st Plaque + $125


Amateur Section (U1601)*

1st Plaque + $500

2nd $325

3rd $225

Class D(1200-1399)

1st Plaque + $225

2nd $175

Class E(1000-1199)

1st Plaque + $200

2nd $150

Class F and Below (<=999)

1st Plaque + $175

2nd $125


1st Plaque + $125


* Class C title and plaque also awarded to top Class C player already without Place and Class Plaque/Title and doesn't count toward number of prizes won.


Bonus Prizes (either section)

Top Senior (65+) Plaque + $125

Top Female Plaque + $125

Upset Plaque + $125




Sep 27th...

7pm: Schedule A rd1 G90+30

Sep 28th...

10am: Schedule B rd1 G65d5

12:30pm: Annual TCA Membership Meeting

2pm: rd2 G90+30

7pm: rd3 G90+30

Sep 29th...

9am: rd4 G90d5

1pm: rd5 G90d5

4:30pm: Awards

5:30pm: GM Alex Fishbein Simultaneous Exhibition ($25)


Extra Early Entry Fee (by Aug 1st) $80

Early Entry Fee (by Sep 1st) $90

Onsite and Late Entry Fee $100

Reg. ends 6:30pm and 9:30am day-of, sharp

MCC Members register in person to receive $5 member discount

GMs&IMs free, deduct EF on prize b/registration date


Requires active USCF membership, titles & plaquesTN-residents only.

TCA membership req'd for TN residents (only $10/yr + nice newsletter). 1/2pt 1st rd byes presumed to non TCA TN residents by end of reg.

Unrated players only eligible for reduced place(-30%) OR unrated prizes. Reduced place prize remainder redistributed to others per USCF rules.

Unrated players uneligible for Class Prizes.

Upset prize only available to non-provisional, rated players.

Tournament limitied to the first 116 entries. Open limited to first 72 entries; could be expanded or reduced based on Am Section Entries.

$20 withdrawal service charge for Early EFs withdrawn. MCC reserves the right to waive charge for emergencies and on waiting list.

(1) Bonus Prize available between both sections; could be split, plaques 1st priority to higher section.

Sections with more than 35 players will feature accelerated pairings.


***GM Alex Fishbein Simul, $25, Sunday September 29 @ 5pm

(9pm hard stop)***

Hotel and Lodging

Hotel Napoleon, $169/night



NICE Airbnbs(CARPOOL!! no pets)

$45/night +$10/person max 3






$55/night +$10/person max 5



***Tournament Improvements***

Everyone in Open in Main Hall

Later B schedule Saturday Start

Stairwell and Doors sound buffering

Free earplugs (many shapes and sizes)

More longer t/c games




195 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103
United States

Sections: 2
Grand Prix Points: 15
Prize Fund: $6,025
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Memphis Chess Club
Email: info@memphischessclub.com
Phone: 9015013257