2023 US Senior Open Championship

Grand Prix, Enhanced Grand Prix, National Championship Event
Frick Center

Event Overview

6SS, G/90+30, must be over 50 years old on July 21, 2023. Elmhurst University, Frick Center 190 S Prospect Ave, Elmhurst, 60126. See https://www.cavemanchess.com/dorm-room-hotel-info for information on dorms. No taxes/tips for dorm rooms. Reserve early! June supplement, and FIDE rated. EF: $95 before Jan 17, 2023, midnight CT; $140 before June 1, midnight CT; $160 before July 10, 12:30 p.m. CT; $180 before July 21, midnight CT. All entries will be done online. See https://www.cavemanchess.com for more info & complete details. Prizes: $10,000 Guaranteed: 1st, Invitation to 2024 US Senior Championship (using TB if needed for invite only) and $2000, $1,500; $1,000; $500; U2400: $450-$350; U2200: $400-$200; U2000: $400-$200; U1800: $400-$200; U1600: $400-$200; U1400: $400-$200; U1200: $400-$200; U1000: $400-$200; Unrated eligible for overall or U1200 prizes only. Plaque to top in each age group: 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+. Players may win both cash & age awards. Up to two half-point byes in rounds 1-6, must commit by end of rd 2. Rds: Fri 1:00pm & 6:00pm; Sat 9:00am & 3:00pm; Sun 8:30am & 2:30pm. Side events: Saturday blitz after R4. Th/Fri: Dinner with GMS, Shopping Excursion, and Yoga/Exercise Class. Blitz registration will be posted online separately. Details will be posted on www.cavemanchess.com. On-campus meals (no taxes/tips) and shuttle available. Anticipated shuttle Availability: Thursday Night, O’hare to Elmhurst; Friday Morning, Ohare & Midway to Elmhurst; Sunday Evening, Elmhurst to O’Hare & Midway. Cost TBA. Free WiFi on campus. Caveman Chess Camp 7/16-21, adult classes available; see website for details. Caveman Chess provides sets, boards; please bring clocks.


190 S Prospect Ave
Elmhurst, IL 60126
United States

Sections: 1
Grand Prix Points: 100
Prize Fund: 10000
FIDE Rated: Yes
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Kevin Bachler
Email: contact@cavemanchess.com
Phone: 224-985-5245