2023 Second Sunday CHESS LEAGUE - all year long (JOIN Anytime!)

Outlets of Mississippi - FOOD COURT
monthly on Sunday, but only the second instance of this set, starting from Sunday, January 8, 2023, until Sunday, December 31, 2023

Event Overview

2023 Capital City Chess Club

“SECOND SUNDAY” G/90+30 Chess League 

2 Sections:

OPEN & U1400       

10 Rounds:  G/90+30    Swiss Paired



2nd Round = MARCH

3rd Round = APRIL

4th Round = MAY

5th Round = JUNE                     ** 2 requested half-point byes 

6th Round = JULY                       are available during the year. **

7th Round = AUGUST

8th Round = SEPTEMBER

9th Round = OCTOBER



ENTRY FEE $40 – must pay before you’re paired.  

$20 – if you join after Round 5. 

Pay via Paypal / Zelle:   lizabeththrasher@gmail.com


Cashapp:   $lizabeththrasher


PRIZES(Awarded January 2024)

All tiebreaks will be decided by BLITZ G/5+3 Playoff (either best of 3 between 2 players or double round robin for 3 or more - Armageddon if BLITZ playoff does not decide clear winners)


Plaques for 1st-5th Place in Each Section

OPEN 1st Place:  30% of Entry Fees    (after plaque costs)

OPEN 2nd Place:  25% of Entry Fees    (after plaque costs)


U1400 1st Place:  20% of Entry Fees    (after plaque costs)

U1400 2nd Place:  10% of Entry Fees    (after plaque costs)


**Additional Plaques for 1st-5th Place U800 Players (based on rating at time of initial registration)**




Players are paired to play ONE GAME per MONTH (exceptions for Rounds 1 & 10 in which the players will have 2 months to play their one assigned game).


Games are to be held on the SECOND Sunday of the Month at 2PM at the Outlet Mall Food Court in Pearl or at Dogmud Tavern in Ridgeland as long as an approved tournament director (T.D.) is present.   Games CAN be rescheduled to an “Alternate” day/time of the month with an agreement from both players and a T.D.  (See  Appendix A below)


REGISTER & Paypal / Zelle VIA EMAIL:   Click here to show mail address

  • Pay $40 Fee by:  

Paypal / Zelle or Cashapp: $lizabeththrasher

Active USCF Membership Required: https://new.uschess.org/form/membership



To be paired for Round 1 (January & February) you MUST be registered & fee paid in full by January 7th. (Click here to show mail address)  Round 1 Pairings announced at the 2022 League Party and via EMAIL!  

Late joining (after January 7th) is permitted although player pairing for Round 1 is not guaranteed.

**All games should be played in the presence of an approved T.D.**

Round 1 Games to be played as a group:  

  • Sunday February 12th @2PM at Outlets of MS Food Court in Pearl. 


  • ANYTIME between Pairing release and Feb. 28th 


  • Players can reschedule an “Alternate” Game day/time – see Appendix A below.

Each month’s games should be complete on/by the last day of the month.  

Pairings for each subsequent month will be announced on the 1st day of the month via EMAIL and social media.

Appendix A:  

Scheduling “Alternate” Game Times

  • Players are responsible for agreeing to an alternate game time/day with an opponent and TD if either player cannot attend the “Second Sunday @2PM Games”.    


  • Lizabeth “Beth” Thrasher (Chief T.D.) will be responsible for confirming all “Alternate” Game Days & Times in writing with both players.

Lizabeth Thrasher      601.941.5153



Appendix A (continued)

  • Players who fail to agree on an alternate day/time, or fail to arrive and play at an agreed upon day/time, will be given a forfeit loss.


  • Players are not obligated to reschedule ANOTHER ALTERNATE game day/time for an opponent suddenly unable to attend the INITIAL agreed upon alternate day/time…. But, a player may agree to do so of their own volition as long as the game takes place within the designated month before next month’s pairing and is attended by an approved TD.


  • Half-Point Byes for a round/month must be requested in writing by email before the 1st of that particular month.



Additional Considerations:   


  • Results will be submitted to USCF Monthly
  • Players will be permitted to remain in the Section they qualify for at the time of registration until their updated rating no longer allows.  
  • If players are moved up into the OPEN division, their prior point total in the League will carry over with them until the conclusion of the 2023 League play (but only up to Round 7)

PEARL, MS 39208
United States

Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund:
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Lizabeth Thrasher
Email: lizabeththrasher@gmail.com
Phone: 6019415153