2023 Election Information

Announcement of 2023 Executive Board Election Candidates

The office and Elections Committee have reviewed the submitted petitions for the 2023 Executive Board election and have confirmed the following as candidates for the four open seats on the EB. They are in alphabetical order:

Leila D'Aquin
David Day
John Fernandez
Fun Fong
David Hater
Lakshmana Viswanath

Ballots will be sent in early June and must be returned by mid-July. To receive a ballot you need to be registered. You may check your registration status on your uschess.org dashboard where you can also register. You must also maintain your membership thru the election process.

Good luck to all of the candidates!

Mike Nietman
US Chess Elections Committee Chair


Click here to view statements by each candidate


Click here to view the candidate randomization drawing video

Each year we randomize the names of candidates so that their order on the ballot is not dictated by the alphabet. Click the link above to view the randomization process and results.