2023 Connecticut Scholastic Championships

State Championship Event
Sacred Heart University

Event Overview

Rds/Time:  4 Rounds SS. High, Middle and Elementary Sections: G/55 d5, Rd 1 at 9:30 AM. Primary and K-1 Sections: G/35 d5, Rd 1 at 10 AM.

Byes:  One ½ point bye for Rds 1 through 3; 0 point byes any round. 

Sections:  5 sections: High School (grades 9 thru 12); Middle School (grades 6 thru 8); Elementary School (grades K thru 5); Primary School (grades K thru 3); and K-1 (grades K and 1)

Prizes:  High: Trophy to Top 5, U1600, U1200, U800 and Female not otherwise placing; Middle: Trophy to Top 5, U1300, U1000, U700 and Female not otherwise placing; Elementary: Trophy to Top 5, U1000, U800, U500 and Female not otherwise placing; Primary: Trophy to Top 3, U500 and Female not otherwise placing; K-1: Trophy to Top 3 and Top Female not otherwise placing; Medals: Official 2023 Scholastic Championships medals to non-placing participants.

Individual competition, only. “Team flag” not applied to pairings. (Team Championships planned as separate competition on March 4 in Manchester.)

Connecticut Champions:  Top Connecticut player in each section will receive a Connecticut State Champion trophy. See Note [1] below.

Tie break:  If there are 2 or more players tied with a perfect (4-0) score, a playoff will determine the section winner and will immediately follow Round 4. See Note [2] below. Other ties determined by US Chess standard tie breaks.

Nationals:  Connecticut Champion and runner up in the High, Middle and Elementary school sections receive Nominee and Alternate status to the 2023 Denker, Barber and Rockefeller National Tournaments of Champions, respectively. CSCA National Nominations Rules apply. 2023 National Tournaments take place July 29 to August 1 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Entry Fee:  $65 by December 31; $85 by January 4; $105 by January 6; “Same day” $125 closes at 10:30a on January 7 (“same day” registrants subject to ½ point bye for Round 1 at organizer’s discretion). Online registration, only.

NO on-site registration. On-site changes: $20 (cash exact change only).

Discounts:  General DISCOUNTS: Students with financial hardship, attending Title I schools or requesting a sibling discount should email events.CSCA@gmail.com to request additional registration instructions. 

CSCA Member Organization DISCOUNT: CSCA Member Organization schools will receive instructions to apply $15 membership discount to their students. Schools may apply for Member Organization status at any time by email to chess.CSCA@gmail.com. 

GMs and IMs: Entry fee is waived for GMs and IMs, if registering by December 31. 50% waived thereafter. Please email events.CSCA@gmail.com to register. 

Out-of-state:  Out-of-state players (see Note [1] below) are welcome and prize eligible, except State titles and National selections. 


THIS NONPROFIT EVENT IS ORGANIZED AND SPONSORED BY THE CONNECTICUT STATE CHESS ASSOCIATION AND SACRED HEART UNIVERSITY CHESS. ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE CONNECTICUT CHESS COMMUNITY. This is an official US Chess recognized State Championship event, and designated players will be nominated to represent Connecticut at the 2023 Denker, Barber and Rockefeller National Tournaments of Champions. 

[1] Connecticut player. For the purpose of these Championships, a “Connecticut player” is (a) any player whose state is designated Connecticut (“CT”) with U.S. Chess,  or (b) any player whose state is not designated “CT” with U.S. Chess, but who (i) resides or (ii) attends school in the state of Connecticut. Event entrants pursuant to section (b) will provide proof of eligibility.  

[2] Tie break playoff format. If there are 2 or more players tied with a perfect (4-0) score, a playoff will determine the section winner and will immediately follow Round 4. The playoff format will be G/5/4 d2 Armageddon game, blitz rules apply, with USCF tie breaks determining seeding and choice of color. Playoff pairings will be highest seed against lowest seed and so on. Each playoff round will result in elimination of the losing player(s). Final placement of eliminated players will be arranged in order of seeding based on round of playoff elimination. If the number of players in the initial playoff round is uneven, the highest seeded player(s) will advance without play to the second playoff round. All other ties broken by US Chess standard tie break rules.

[3] COVID-19 Protocols Apply. All applicable Sacred Heart University COVID-19 Protocols apply. 

[4] Rating Supplement. January 2023 USCF Rating Suppl. used for section entry, pairings and prizes.

[5] Contact. All questions/inquiries to events.CSCA@gmail.com. 

[6] Refunds/Cancellation Policy: To withdraw registration or request a refund, email your request to events.CSCA@gmail.com no later than January 5 at 11:59 PM. Refund requests not received by email or received after the above deadline, will not be honored. Refunds are subject to $15 administrative fee. 

[7] Unauthorized solicitation is prohibited. This is a nonprofit event for the Connecticut chess community, and the CSCA event Promotion Policy at CSCA Tournaments & Events is in effect. Please contact CSCA at events.CSCA@gmail.com for advertising and promotional opportunities. 


5151 Park Avenue
Bowman Hall
Fairfield, CT 06825
United States

Sections: 5
Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund:
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Connecticut State Chess Association
Email: chess.CSCA@gmail.com
Phone: 18605930225