2023 Annual Meeting Information


The Annual Delegates Meeting will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on August 5-6, 2023.

Click here for details about the hotel and the US Open schedule.


2023 Annual Delegates Meeting

8-5-2023 Video of Delegates Meeting Day 1

8-6-2023 Video of Delegates Meeting Day 2

8-5-2023 Audio of Delegates Meeting Day 1

8-6-2023 Audio of Delegates Meeting Day 2

2023 Annual Delegates Meeting Minutes

2023 Membership Meeting Minutes



2023 State Delegate Allocations


Delegate Conflict of Interest Forms

Delegates are required to fill out one of the forms below for every meeting they attend as a delegate.

Delegates are encouraged to fill out the COI forms ahead of the meeting. If you have not filled one out ahead of time, you will be required to fill one out at the event before receiving your delegate packet and voting credential.


Guide for Writing Motions


2023 Applications for DC State Affiliate Status

District of Columbia Chess Association (DCCA)

District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia Chess (DMV)

District of Columbia State Chess Federation (DCSCF)

DC State Chapter Information Session 6-18-2023


2023 Challenge of the Rhode Island State Chapter

Challenge by the Ocean State Chess Association (OSCA)

Response and Closing Message from the Southeast New England Chess Association (SENECA)

Important Documents

2023 Delegates Call

2023 Committee Reports

2023 Onsite Committee Workshops

2022 Delegate Meeting Minutes

Delegate Actions of Continuing Interest (DACI) (updated in 2022)

2022 Bylaws (modified in accordance with motions passed in 2022)

2022 Compliance Report

2022-2023 Annual Promotional Membership Report

2023 Delegate Motion Form

2023 Recordings of the Online Committee Workshops

7-25-23 Online Scholastic Committee Workshop

7-26-23 Online States and Affiliates Committee Workshop

7-27-23 Online Ratings Committee Workshop