2022 Virtual Scholastic Chess Exposition

Event Overview

2022 Virtual Scholastic Chess Exposition

March 26, 2022


Open to scholastic players throughout the world!

Seven Rounds: G/15+2

Prize Fund: $500 (based on fifty full-price entries)

Three Sections: Open, U1200 & U600

Why Participate?

  • As this is an online tournament, you can participate from wherever you may be as long as you have an internet connection, even if you are away on vacation!
  • With three rating-based sections, you will be playing other students who are around your playing level.
  • Starting at just $10 per student, our low entry fees make it possible for people of almost any budget to participate.
  • Considering that the first round does not begin until noon (EST), most players will not have to get up early to participate in this event. Also, because this tournament only lasts four hours, it will not eat up your entire day either.
  • Because this event is only quick rated, it will not affect your regular ratings. As a result, you can play your very best without stressing about what will happen to your rating afterwards.
  • All prizes are issued as Amazon gift cards, which means that you will not need to worry about your prize being lost in the mail.

Praise for Innovative Chess Solutions

  • Innovative Chess Solutions is a great place to start your chess career!...As an experienced chess player, I have won the Innovative Chess Solutions top section tournament many times and I see the tournament keeps growing with a lot of stronger players joining!...with Innovative Chess Solutions' tournaments, I can promise you that you always play the players with about the same rating as you, and you have a chance to improve your chess skill and earn a good prize every time you win! [Phuc Hoang, KY]
  • The organizer went out of his way to make this a memorable event for my kids who participated for the first time. It left a great impression on them and motivated them to continue competing. Many Thanks! [Aysheh Masri, TX]
  • I like that it was seamless setup and finished quickly. [Ansh Batra, DE]
  • So much fun for the kids! [Gena Ferrabee, TX]

Blitz Tournament

We will also be holding a blitz side-event on the same day as this exposition. The blitz will commence about 30 minutes after the main event at 4:30pm (EST). It will have six rounds, a time control of G/5 and offer Amazon gift cards as prizes in an amount equal to 50% of all entry fees received (net of refunds). The blitz entry fee starts at just $5.

Tournament Details

  • This online tournament will be held on Chess.com. Participating in this online tournament is about just as easy as apple pie. All you need to do is: (1) Join Chess.com (its free!) if you are not already a member; (2) Join our Chess.com club; (3) Click on the tournament link we will send you before the event and join the tournament in a timely manner; and (4) Click on the other link we will send you to join the Zoom call. Four easy steps and you're done. Indeed, as long as you follow these steps precisely and have good internet connection, you should not have any hassle at all with participating. Thus, all your efforts can be spent on doing your very best in your games!
  • Maximum capacity is one hundred players. As space is limited, please register as soon as possible to secure your spot!
  • Entry fee: $10 by 1/31; $15 by 3/5; and $20 thereafter. Entries are refundable until the seventh day before the event. Eventbrite adds a small processing fee to your order, which is nonrefundable in any case. Scholastic players holding a FIDE title (other than arena titles) or the National Master title are entitled to free entry.
  • Registration: Students may be easily registered for either the main event or the blitz, or both, by visiting: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2022-virtual-scholastic-chess-exposition-registration-247395104417
  • Schedule: The first round commences at noon (EST) and each subsequent round begins immediately after all of the remaining games in the previous round have concluded. In total, the event should last about four hours.
  • Prizes: $500 in Amazon gift cards will be awarded based on fifty full-price entries (net of refunds). If less than fifty full-price entries are received, the prize fund will be proportionally reduced. A $10 entry will be treated as 50% of a full-price entry and a $15 entry will be treated as 75% of such an entry. The prize fund will be divided between sections in proportion to their respective numbers of registrants. Class prizes may be issued. If two or more players tie for any prize, it will be equally divided between them.
  • Each scholastic player who is a member of the United States Chess Federation in good standing is qualified to participate, regardless of geographic location. A scholastic player is a K-12 student (or foreign equivalent), including any person under seventeen years of age (even if they have completed high school). Becoming a USCF member only costs $20 a year (if under 18) and may be processed at: https://new.uschess.org/join-us-chess
  • We will use the greater of a player's OTB or online regular rating to determine section and prize qualification. Generally, the March Supplement will be used. However, if circumstances warrant it, we may instead use a player's unofficial ratings on uschess.org or their FIDE rating (if any). Players with foreign ratings must disclose such ratings, and at the discretion of the tournament director, their tournament rating may be adjusted as a result.
  • In order to ensure the integrity of this tournament and to discourage violations of our fair-play rules, all participants will be monitored on a continuous Zoom video call. During the duration of their games, players must keep their camera on and cannot use a background. As an additional protection against transgressions, prizes will not be issued until one week after the conclusion of the tournament. By this time, Chess.com would almost certainly have closed the accounts of any students who have resorted to chess engines or books to choose moves or otherwise cheat. Any player whose account is closed in connection with this tournament will be disqualified from receiving any prize from the tournament, will forfeit any played games and may suffer other penalties. If you would like to discover more about how Chess.com’s vigorous anti-cheating procedures work, click here.
  • In the event of low turnout, sections may be merged or otherwise changed in such manner as we deem necessary.

Thank you!

We greatly appreciate your time and attention! Should you decide to register, you can easily do so by clicking register at the top of this page. If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing: csbrown.entrepreneur@gmail.com

Have a wonderful rest of the day!


275 Lost Hunters Canyon
China Spring, TX 76633
United States

Sections: 3
Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund: $500
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: Yes

Organizer Overview

Innovative Chess Solutions, LLC
Email: csbrown.entrepreneur@gmail.com
Phone: 000000000

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