State Championship Event
Wyndham Garden Ann Arbor

Event Overview

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COVID-19 Policy Update:

Depending on the COVID situation at the time of the event, it may be necessary to run the tournament with masks. For the latest information visit our COVID-19 update page: https://www.michess.org/covid-19-update

Room Rate:

$95 by 2/18/2022, after if space available – Includes Breakfast Buffet & WiFi

Phone (734) 665-4444 Ask for Michigan Chess Association room block

Junior Championship (K-12): 5-SS, March 19-20
Junior Reserve (9-12 U1000): 5-SS, March 20
Young Junior Championship (K-8): Sun, March 20
Young Junior Reserve (K-8 U800): Sun, March 20
Children's Championship (K-5): Sat, March 19
Children's Reserve (K-5 U600): Sat, March 19
Young Children's Championship (K-3): Sat, March 19
Young Children's Reserve (K-3 U300): Sat, March 19
Children's Sponsors (Friends & Family): Sat, March 19
Junior Sponsors (Friends & Family): Sun, March 19

K-3 Sections require only MCA Membership
All other sections require both USCF & MCA Memberships
MCA only required for Michigan residents

Time Control
K-12: G/90+30
All other sections: G/45;d5

K-12: Sat. 9:30am – 1:45pm – 6pm, Sun. 10am - 1:45pm    
K-3, K-5, K-8: 9am - 11am - 1pm - 3pm - 5pm
Sponsors: 10am - 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Entry Fee
$25 Advance by 3/15/2022
$40 Advance by 3/18/2022
All mailed entries must be postmarked by 3/11/2022
Onsite: $50 withHalf-Point Bye for Round 1

Sponsors Section (Friends & Family): $15 Advance Online, $20 Onsite

Online entry and payment: http://www.onlineregistration.cc

See Online Registration website for list of entered players
Mail entries send check to address below

Players who have paid in advance will be paired forround 1, and do not need to check in.Coaches/Parents should inform TD before 8:15 if one of their players will notbe present. No refunds will be given for anyone who is paired for the firstround.

K-12: Top 5, Top 3 Gr 9u, 10, 11, 12; Scholarships: 1st $500, 2nd $250
Top in Grade 9-12 represents Michigan at the Denker Tournament of High School State Champions at the U.S. Open.
Top Female Finisher represents Michigan at the Haring National Tournament of Girls State Champions at the U.S. Open

9-12 U1000: Top 5

K-8C: Top 5, Top 3 Gr 6u, 7, 8
Top in Grade 6-8 represents Michigan at the Barber Tournament of Middle School State Champions at the U.S. Open.

K-8R: Top 5
K-5C: Top 5, Top 3 Gr 4u, 5
Top player represents Michigan at the Rockefeller Tournament of Elementary State Champions at the U.S. Open.

K-5R: Top 5
K-3C: Top 5, Top 3 Gr Ku, 1, 2, 3
K-3R: Top 5
Sponsors: Top 2

Invitational Events will be held from July 30 - August 2, 2022 during the U.S. Open in Rancho Mirage, California

Jeff Aldrich
P.O. Box 40 Flint, MI 48501
(810) 955-7271.
e-mail: jeffchess64@gmail.com



2900 Jackson Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
United States

Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund:
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Michigan Chess Association
Email: jeffchess64@gmail.com
Phone: 810-955-7271

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