2021 Connecticut State Championships

State Championship Event
Wesleyan University, Exley Science Center

Event Overview

General Info

Event organized by the Connecticut State Chess Association, funded and sponsored by the Connecticut State Chess Association together with Russell Enterprises and DGT North America.

Connecticut players only—see definition under note [1] below.

Vaccination and Mask Wearing Required. See notes [4] and [5] below for site and organizer policies. 

Rounds/Time Control: 4 Rounds SS, G/55 d5, USCF Rated

Schedule: 9:30a, 12p, 2:30p, 5p (Awards by 8p)

Prizes: Championship: $500-350-250-200-150. Trophy to State Champion.  Open: $300-200-150-125-100. Top U1600, U1200, U800 $100 each. Trophy, clock and book prizes to top Female, Unrated, Collegiate, High, Middle players in Open. Collegiate Team: Trophy to top three collegiate teams in Open.

Byes: One half-point bye is permitted in Rounds 1-3 only; must commit by end of registration. 

Playoff: Playoff applied to Championship section for players tied for 1st place. Playoff affects trophy and Champion title only. See note [3] below.

Entry: $70 by November 30; $90 by December 3 at 7 PM. NO on-site entries permitted. Online registration ends December 3, 2021 at 7 PM.

Free & Special Entry: Players conditions to GMs and IMs (not deducted from prizes). Free entry in Championship Section to: (1) Players rated 2400 and over, (2) Winner of 2020 CT Senior Championship, and (3) Winner of 2020 CT High School Championship. 2020 State Championship entries honored. If you qualify for entry under this paragraph, please email Click here to show email address to request registration. 

CSCA membership: Participation creates or extends CSCA event membership status to 12/4/2022. 

Snow Date: Sunday, December 5, 2021.

Equipment: Bring sets and clocks.

See event page for news and updates. Also see official event flyer



[1] Connecticut player. For the purpose of these Championships, a “Connecticut player” is (a) any player whose state is designated Connecticut (“CT”) with U.S. Chess, or (b) any player whose state is not designated “CT” with U.S. Chess, but who (i) resides, (ii) attends school or (iii) is employed or self-employed in the state of Connecticut. Event entrants pursuant to section (b) will provide proof of eligibility.  

[2] Championship Section Entry Limits. Entry in the Championship section is limited to the top 14 players by rating and the two event Champion invitees—2020 Senior and 2020 High School Champions. If an invitee declines to participate, an additional rating-based entry will be permitted. Additionally, except for Champion invitees, a minimum rating of 2000 is required to participate in the Championship section.

[3] Playoff Tiebreak in Championship Section. In case of a tie score for 1st place in the Championship Section, a playoff will immediately follow Round 4. The playoff format will be as follows: G/10 d5 with reversed colors. If players not played, USCF tie breaks determine choice of color. If still tied, Armageddon game with reversed colors G/5v4. If multiple players are tied for 1st place, players will be paired highest finishing against lowest finishing and so on based on USCF tie breaks (NCAA March Madness format), and each playoff round will result in elimination of the losing player. If the number of players in the first playoff round is other than 2, 4, 8 or 16, the highest finishing players on USCF tie breaks will advance without play to the second playoff round to conform to the 2-4-8-16 format. Playoff affects trophy and Champion title only. 

[4] COVID-19 vaccination and completion of site attestation are required for participation in this event. Pursuant to Wesleyan University policy, no person is permitted inside campus buildings unless they are two weeks removed from the date of receipt of their final vaccination dose. As part of registration, all players are required to complete the Wesleyan University Visitor Vaccination Attestation Form. Unvaccinated individuals are not permitted in campus buildings and to participate in this event. Any player, who fails to complete the Attestation by end of registration, shall be denied entry. Performance under this mandate is subject to legal and site policy remedies, as well as U.S. Chess and CSCA ethics reviews. The site or the organizer may request players to present proof of vaccination.

[5] COVID-19 Protocols Apply. In addition to the attestation requirement under note [4], no on-site entries are permitted. All players and family members must wear masks at all times while indoors, including in the playing and waiting areas. Only one accompanying adult is permitted per player. Number of persons in any room may also be restricted.

[6] Rating Supplement. Dec 2021 USCF Rating Suppl. used for section entry, pairings and prizes.

[7] Contact. All questions/inquiries to Click here to show email address.

[8] Refunds/Cancellation Policy: To withdraw registration or request a refund, email your request to Click here to show email address no later than December 3 at 8 PM. Refund requests not received by email or received after the above deadline will not be honored. Refunds are subject to $15 administrative fee.


265 Church Street
Middletown, CT 06459
United States

Sections: 2
Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund: $2,625
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Residency Restriction: Yes
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Connecticut State Chess Association
Email: chess.CSCA@gmail.com
Phone: 8605930225