10th W.M.C.A. Memorial

Myrtle Street Park building

Event Overview

A large parking lot across Main St, can be used.


PRIZE FUND: $480 based on 30 Rated Players.

U.S.Chess Federation Membership is required and available at the tournament.

FORMAT: 3 Games Swiss System (No elimination). Time Control G/90; d5

BYES: Limit of one 1/2-point bye, available for any missed round, specified with entry.

CHESS SETS, and CHESS CLOCKS will be provided.

ADVANCE ENTRY FEES (All must be postmarked by May 23rd): Rated players $20, New and unrated players, FREE with advance registration.

AT SITE ENTRY FEE: Rated players $25, New and unrated players, $5


AT SITE REGISTRATION: Saturday 8:30am - 9:00am

ROUND TIMES:       9:30am,          1:30pm,          5:00pm



1st $140, 1st U-2000 $90,  1st U-1800 $60

U-1600 /

1st $100, 1st U-1400 $60, 1st Unrated $30

MAIL CHECK (Postmarked by 5-23-2022) Payable to W.M.C.A. to Edward Kostreba, 45 Fairview St., Palmer, MA  01069

OR: send by PayPal to; wmass-chess@comcast.net  45 Fairview Street

ANY QUESTIONS? Call Ed at (413) 668-4589 or email: cadcamsv@comcast.net           

COVID-19: Follow City of Springfield preventative mandates at the time of the tournament.

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10th W.M.C.A. Memorial

Name (First, Middle initial, Last) ¨__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

U.S.C.F. ID. No. (If member)¨___________________________________  Section¨______________________  1/2-point bye (Circle round)  1      2      3  .

Phone #  (___________)______________________  e-mail address ¨___________________________________________________________________________________________

Anyone joining the U.S. Chess Federation for the first time must provide all information in this box. And, otherwise provide any information that has changed.                                                  Birth Date _____________________

Street__________________________________________________________________  City________________________________________  State_______  ZIP__________________

¨ Entry Fee: $___________

U.S. Chess Federation membership Fee. (Circle one)            new             or             renewing          +  .$___________

W.M.C.A. membership $15 (includes $5 off at all WMCA events) (Circle one)    new    or    renewing  (Not required) +  .$___________

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ¨  TOTAL: $___________

¨ Required information to enter the tournament.   


117 Main Street
Indian Orchard (Springfield), MA 01151
United States

Sections: 2
Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund: $480
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Ed Kostreba
Email: cadcamsv@comcast.net
Phone: 413-668-4589

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