$1,000 Spring Festival - US Chess Online Rated Event


Event Overview

$1,000 Spring Festival - US Chess Online Rated Event


DATE & TIME: Saturday, March 20th at 10:00am Central Time. This event is open to K-12 students. Current US Chess membership is required (you may join or renew your membership here).

FREE GAME ANALYSIS: All participants will be invited to an analysis session via Zoom with titled players upon conclusion of their section!

PLAYING SITE: https://lichess.org/ Players must join lichess. Membership is free.

PRIZES: $1,000 in Amazon Gift Cards (b/100 total). In case of ties, the prize will be split equally between tied players. One prize per person. Prizes may take up to a week after the event concludes as games need to be checked for fair play violations. These checks are done through the proprietary methods used by lichess and independent analysis by tournament organizers.

ENTRY FEE: $30. Register at: https://www.kingregistration.com/register/SpringFestival. Please provide correct email address during registration: link and password for the tournament will be emailed to that address. If the link is not received by 8:00am the next morning, please contact the organizers at td@ia-chess.com For this event the earliest the links and passwords will be sent is March 15 (Monday prior).

BYES and LATE REGISTRATION: Online registration closes on March 20th at 9:45am Central Time. Contact td@ia-chess.com if you wish to register after registration is closed. Players may request a 1/2 bye in round one (players who "late join" after 10:00am will also receive a 1/2 bye). No other 1/2 byes can be requested. 

FORMAT AND TIME CONTROL: G/10+5. All three sections are a 5-round Swiss. Rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5 will be paired five minutes after completion of the final game in the section, so each section will run as an independent eventYou must be logged in and have joined the tournament to be paired.

THREE SECTIONS: All players must have current US Chess Membership. Only US Chess Online Quick ratings are affected.

K-12 Section (all students can enter, but grade 6/below are eligible only for top three prizes)

1st $70

2nd $50

3rd $40

top grade 12 $40

top grade 11 $40

top grade 10 $40

top grade 9   $40

top grade 8 $40

top grade 7 $40

K-6 Section (students in grades K-6 can enter, but grade 3/below are eligible only for top three prizes)

1st $70

2nd $50

3rd $40

top grade 6 $40

top grade 5 $40

top grade 4 $40

K-3 Section (students in grade 3 and younger can enter)

1st $70

2nd $50

3rd $40

top grade 3 $40

top grade 2 $40

top grade 1 $40

top K/below $40

QUESTIONS: Please email any questions to td@ia-chess.com

FAIR PLAY: In case any fair play violations are discovered, none of the games played by the violator will be US Chess rated. For the purposes of standings, any players who lose to someone who violates fair play rules will be given 1/2 point. Any wins or draws against fair play violators will stand, though the games will not be rated.

Any participant may be invited to a subsequent Zoom interview to confirm their identity and/or chess-playing ability.

By registering for this tournament, you agree that your child's lichess username might be revealed on player registration and prize winner lists.


International Academy of Chess
Milwaukee, WI 53222
United States

Sections: 3
Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund: 1000
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: Yes

Organizer Overview

International Academy of Chess
Email: td@ia-chess.com
Phone: 4144396778

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