$1,000 Arlington Chess Club Open 76

Salvation Army YET Center

Event Overview

More Info and Registration

Three Sections

  • Open - All ratings and unrated players. ($30 early; $35 onsite) 4 Rounds, G/45;d5
  • Reserve (U1500) - Ratings under 1500 and unrated players. ($30 early; $35 onsite) 4 Rounds, G/45;d5
  • Novice (U900) - Ratings under 900 and unrated players. ($30 early; $35 onsite) 5 Rounds, G/30;d5


Onsite Registration ends 10 minutes prior to first round.


The Open and Reserve (under 1500) sections play four rounds at a time control of G/45;d5. The Novice (under 900) section plays five rounds at a time control of G/30;d5.

Open And Reserve

Round One: 9:00 AM
Round Two: 10:45 AM
Round Three: 1:10 PM
Round Four: 2:50 PM


Round One: 9:00 AM
Round Two: 10:00 AM
Round Three: 11:00 AM
Round Four: 1:10 PM
Round Five: 2:10 PM

Entry Fee

Early Registration is $30. Onsite Registration is $35. Early registration ends at 11:00pm the day before the event.

More Info and Registration


  • Byes - If requested before the start of the first round, one 1/2 point bye may be taken in any but the last round. Other byes are zero points.
  • Equipment - We provide sets. Players should bring clocks if they own them. We do have some clocks available.
  • Membership - Current US Chess Federation membership required and may be purchased on site.
  • Cash Prizes - $1,000 Guaranteed – Open 1st: $300, 2nd: $150, 3rd: $100; Reserve 1st: $150, 2nd: $100, 3rd: $50; Novice 1st: $60, 2nd: $50, 3rd: $40
  • Late Arrival - Players who pay early will be paired during the first round whether or not they have arrived. Unregistered players arriving after 8:50 AM may be given a 1/2 point bye, be given a zero point bye, or paired outside of standard pairing rules at the discretion of the tournament director.
  • Round Times - Start times for some rounds may be delayed due to previous rounds running longer than expected.

712 W Abram St
Arlington, TX 76013
United States

Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund: $1,000
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Arlington Chess Club
Email: club@arlingtonchess.com