Leaders Hunt for the Win in Denker, Barber and NGTOC

Rochelle Wu (Alabama), is cruising at the National Girls Tournament of Champions. She has 4.5/5 after a fifth round draw against Saithanu Avireni of Georgia, and is leading by half a point going into the final round.

Saithanu, Annie Wang (CA), Veronika Zilajeva (OK) and Sasha Konovalenko (MI) are half a point behind with 4/5.

In the Denker, Praveen Balakrishnan (Virginia) and Zhaozhi Li (Illinois) lead with 4.5/5 and will face off tomorrow. Praveen defeated a 4-0 Bryce Tiglon (WA) in the penultimate round, on the white side of a Najdorf Sicilian.

Bryce Tiglon

In the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions, five players vie for the lead, all with four points: Christopher Shen (Ohio), Justin Wang (Texas), Aydin Turgut (Illinois), Pieter Heesters (Maryland) and Derek Clasby (New Jersey.)

Christopher Shen

The final round is tomorrow at 10 AM EST and the top board in each section can be viewed here: http://ches slive.xyz/DBG/tfd.htm

Also follow along on twitter for updates like the following from Vanessa Sun taking over @USChess.


  1. Disappointing for those of us following our state representatives that the standings aren’t being posted currently. Round 5 finished last night and they still have only posted through round three. These are three important events!

  2. You are misspelling the name of Rochelle Wu’s fifth round opponent. Her name is Saithanusri Avirneni (ID # 14299428).

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