Ninth Draw Sets Record in Carlsen-Caruana

There was a ninth straight draw today in the match between World Champion Magnus Carlsen and American challenger Fabiano Caruana. This sets a record for the longest streak of split points to kick off a World Championship match, breaking the previous record set by Anand and Kasparov in 1995.

In this game, Caruana fans can be thankful for a couple reasons. He was in serious trouble in this game, causing many Grandmasters and commenters to give better chances for a white win than a draw.

Magnus’s quick 25. h5 was pinpointed as the error, allowing Black to gain counterplay with the ideas of …h4 and …f4. As thematic in this match, you did not have to ask the defender twice to jump back in the game.

On Thanksgiving, Fabiano will take another crack at the World Champion with the White pieces. With just three classical games to go, the match may hinge on a single mistake.

As the tension rise, make sure to follow IM Eric Rosen’s social media takeovers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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