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Just look at the elegant design of this chess set made exclusively for blindfold chess players.  If you can visualize moving these gorgeous pieces – each created with a grip on its base so you may mentally grasp each piece while moving it, if you can picture yourself moving the pieces to attack the enemy forces, then you, too, may be able to play blindfold chess!  Available now at the low cost of your time and effort.   For more information  send no money at all to Blindfold Chess Set,  20-20 Gareyev Street,  Inthed, Ark.  Offer good only on April First.

John Menke  1940-2019

Correspondence chess lost one of its great ones in March of this year with the death of John Menke of Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  John had an amazing record, losing only a single game in 167 US Chess contests.  He was the 2004 and 2005 CCLA Champion , the 2003 Golden Knights Champion,  First in the 2004 Electronic Knights, third in 2005, and second in 2006.

In the Absolute Championships he finished first in 2011 and 2012 and tied for second in 2013.

Along the way in 2010 he picked up his ICCM title.   Rest in Peace, John Menke.



Walter Muir

18W25   Alex Strobehn         5-1

18W21  Gregory Goellner  5-1

With his 34th move, Black thinks he is capturing a Rook.  With White’s 35th move, he is capturing a King.


When White avoids protecting against a back rank mate by 26. h3, his game goes steadily down hill.


2019 Absolute Championship started

The lineup for the 2019 Absolute Championship has been established.  Playing this year for the unofficial title of strongest player in US Correspondence Chess are Harry Ingersol (2431), Robert Rizzo (2384), Danny Horwitz (2364), Keith Rodriguez (2361), Kristo Miettinen (2358), Charles Jacobs (2334), John Millett (2334), David Sogin (2334), Ferdinand Burmeister (2326), Brad Rogers (2260), Timothy Harris (2189), Mark Stephenson (2188) and Robert Cousins (2074).  Good skill, gentlemen!


Edward Kopiecki of Brooklyn. NY, born September 24,1958 died January 25, 2019.


QUOTE: When I asked [Peter Millican] whether the fear of being attacked, or the elation of playing a brilliant attack, was at all like the sensations experienced at the board, his view was that the emotions were just the same [in CC play], and just as strong, except that they last for months, rather than minutes or hours! – Graham Burgess

Terribly cramped, Black walks into a fatal loss of material on Move 23.


Thomas Biedermann has finished in second place in ICCF’s 5th Webchess Open Final, winning three and losing none.  Biedermann continues to rack up accolades.  He has acquired the ICCM and SIM titles, finished first in the 16th USCCC and second in the 18th.  In May of this month I reported his win of the 13th North American Invitational.  Congratulations, Tom Biedermann !


The winner of S-Open/5 shows the power of the Queen versus the Rooks.


The way the Black pieces are stripped away from the Black King leaving no defense to the coming Rf1+ makes this game a chessic miracle.






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