Cover Stories with Chess Life Featuring Grandmaster Moradiabadi

The September edition of “Cover Stories with Chess Life” is now live! This monthly podcast, hosted by Senior Director of Strategic Communication Daniel Lucas, goes in depth and behind the scenes with the author of each month’s cover story.

This month, we talk to GM Elshan Moradiabadi who wrote our cover story on GM Cristian Chirila’s victory at the National Open.  Extra features include “Checking in with Jen” in which our Senior Digital Editor Jennifer Shahade discusses what is new and coming up on US Chess News at as well as our social media networks. 

And don’t miss your chance at winning a $50 gift certificate to! Send in your question to [email protected], and if your question is selected as the Best Question, you will win the gift certificate. Next month’s subject will be “Attacking Chess” by IM Erik Kislik so send in your questions now for IM Kislik, or anything about Chess Life that strikes your fancy.

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Also find out more and spread the word about our call for Podcast Guests, for an upcoming series, One Move at A Time. 


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