One Move at a Time with David MacEnulty [PODCAST]

David MacEnulty

Welcome to the February 2019 edition of “One Move at a Time,” the US Chess podcast in which we talk to people and organizations that are advancing the US Chess mission statement of “Empower people, enrich lives, and enhance communities through chess.”

This month host Dan Lucas, the Senior Director of Strategic Communication at US Chess, talks David MacEnulty, who was the first teacher to teach chess in New York City as part of

the curriculum. MacEnulty has been teaching chess to adults and children for more than 25 years and has been one of the most impactful scholastic chess coaches in the USA over that period. He currently teaches chess at The Dalton School. He won the prestigious Chess Educator of the Year award from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2007, was honored with the career achievement and Scholastic Service awards by US Chess, and he received the Lives That Make a Difference award from A & E Television.

Our theme music “So Don’t I” was composed by Alex King, a National Master who lives in Memphis, Tennessee. We are grateful for the sponsorship of US Chess Sales. To enter our random drawing for a $50 gift certificate to, send your name and phone number to [email protected] and put “One Move at a Time” in the subject line. Comments and questions are appreciated. And for more US Chess podcasts, see “Cover Stories with Chess Life” and “Ladies Knight” in our podcast category.

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