Cover Stories with Chess Life: June Guest Steve Doyle

The June 2019 edition of “Cover Stories with Chess Life” is now live! This monthly podcast, hosted by Senior Director of Strategic Communication Daniel Lucas, goes in depth and behind the scenes of each month’s Chess Life cover story.

Steven Doyle

This month, we talk to Steve Doyle about the June Chess Life cover story on the USAT East by Al Lawrence. Doyle has been the long-time organizer of the most popular event on the US Chess calendar outside of our scholastic national championships. Doyle was the youngest ever president of US Chess in the 1980s and has recently retired from Aetna, now serving as the Mayor of Island Heights, New Jersey.

“The Skittles Room” is our monthly segment in which we talk to people doing something interesting or of note within US Chess. This month we talk to Ken Ballou, the chair of the US Chess Elections Committee, about our current Executive Board election. 

And don’t miss your chance at winning a $50 gift certificate to! Send in your question to [email protected], and if your question is selected as the Best Question, you will win the gift certificate. Next month’s Chess Life cover story will be the U.S. Championship and we’ll be talking to GM Sam Shankland. Send in your questions now about this topic or anything about Chess Life that strikes your fancy.

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