PACL 125 – ALL BELTS AND ALL CLASSES - August 7th, 2022

American Legion Post 370 Overland Park Kansas

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PACL 125 – ALL BELTS AND ALL CLASSES - August 7th, 2022

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Format:  Four Round Swiss System 4SS, with cross round pairings to avoid byes

Game in 30 Minutes with 10 Second Delay G/30;d10

Prizes: ​ 4 Points $2003.5 Points $1003 Points $502.5 Points $25

Entry Fee:  $45 – USCF Membership Required

USCF membership Available online at

Schedule: Regular Registration Ends Saturday August 6, 9PM

Saturday August 7 - 9:00 AM Doors Open - 9 AM Late Registration

9:30 AM Late Registration Ends 

10 AM First Games Start, Following Rounds start as soon as possible, more details below

Expected Round Start Times:                    1rst round: 10 am

                      2nd 11:30 am                          3rd 1:30 pm

                      4th 3:00 pm                             5th 4:30 pm  

Location:   American Legion Post #370

7500 West 75th Street, Overland Park, KS

Sections: ​ 

Masters; 2400 to 2000: 4SS G/30;d10, Affects both Regular and Quick

Black Belts; 2000 to 1600:   4SS G/30;d10,   Affects both Regular and Quick

Brown and Purple Belts; 1600 to 1200:  4SS G/30;d10,   Affects both Regular and Quick

Green and Blue Belt; 1200 to 0800:     4SS G/30;d10,   Affects both Regular and Quick

Orange and Yellow Belts; 0800 to 0400:   4SS G/30;d10,   Affects both Regular and Quick

White Belt and Basic 1&2; 0400 to 0100:      4SS G/30;d10,   Affects both Regular and Quick             

UnRated: For those with no Regular Rating including Provisional Ratings  


Zero Point Byes, Possible 5th Round and too few players

All Players will be able to play four games, unless section has too few players.

In the event of a section having an odd number of players an additional fifth round will be played for those with earlier byes.


Too Few Players Rules: 

1 Unrated player is started at 1200 and estimated ratings applied each round and paired as best possible across rated sections.

1 Rated player in Section -> Automatic award of 4 Point Prize. (You must show up to win money via too few players points)

2 Players in  Section-> Two games will be played, each player plays white once and black once. 

Both players awarded two additional points for the two unplayable games.

3 Players in Section -> All players play 2 games against the 2 other players, once as white and once as black


7500 W. 75th Street
Overland Park, KS 66205
United States

Sections: 7
Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund: 2400
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Phone: 9137172930