Champions Showdown Tactics


At the end of the Champions Showdown, a 24 game marathon between Vishy Anand, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, and Veselin Topalov in classical, rapid and blitz chess, the 13th World Champion showed that experience can still prevail.

During the 6 classical games, Anand tied for first with Topalov. In the rapid portion, Anand took over the sole lead, echoing his 2003 World Rapid Championship victory. During the blitz finale, although Nakamura was able to reach within half a point, Anand refused to relinquish his lead. His impressive performance netted 15 points out of 24 games and reminded us of why Anand is a five-time World Champion.

Can you solve tactics the event’s fascinating games?

Tactic #1

Nakamura vs. Caruana

How did Nakamura gain a significant advantage?


White to move.

Level: Intermediate

Tactic #2

Anand vs. Topalov

White to move.

Level: Advanced

More information on the Champions Showdown is available on the Official Website.

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