Call for Advertising: 2019 Spring Nationals Tournament Programs

A limited amount of space is now available in our tournament program books for the three US Chess spring national championships:
2019 National High School (K-12) ChampionshipMarch 15-17, 2019  (Approximately 1,700 programs will be printed.)
2019 National Junior High (K-9) Championship, April 26-28, 2019 (Approximately 1,500 programs will be printed.)
2019 National Elementary (K-6) Championship May 10-12 (Approximately 2,500 programs will be printed.)
The number of printed programs may be adjusted up or down based on advance entries. The tournament programs include the event schedule, official score sheets, and the tournament rules, among other items of interest to the players, families, and coaches.
Full page: $1000
Half page: $500
Quarter page: $250
Advertising reservations must be made by:

NHS: January 28 (reserve); February 8 (receive print file deadline)

NJS: March 11 (reserve); March 22 (receive print file deadline)

NES: March 25 (reserve); April 5 (receive print file deadline)

Advertising may be closed before the above reservation dates if space is filled.

Technical Specifications
(Note: though the document refers to Chess Life, the specifications are the same for our programs.)
For additional information or to make an advertising reservation, please contact US Chess Publications Editor Melinda Matthews at [email protected].

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