US Chess Announces Vendors for National Events

US Chess is pleased to announce the following vendor selections for national events organized directly by the Federation, as determined by the Executive Board during its February 2018 meeting.

Fine Designs will handle official event apparel, starting with the 2018 US Open through SuperNationals VII in 2021.

US Chess Sales will handle book and equipment sales, starting with the 2018 US Open through the National Elementary Championship in 2019. This award is subject to renewal for 2 additional 1-year options.

US Chess directly organizes five annual events:  National High School (K-12) Championship, National Junior High (K-9) Championship, National Elementary (K-6) Championship, National K-12 Grades Championship, and the US Open Championship.  US Chess also directly organizes SuperNationals, a quadrennial combination of the first three events listed above.

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