Nazi Paikidze, 2018 US Women’s Chess Champion

After a dramatic playoff, 24-year-old Nazi Paikidze became our new US Women’s Chess Champion.  After 11 rounds of Classical chess, Paikidze was tied with 15-year-old Annie Wang with 8/11. They faced off on Championship Monday in a tiebreak that combined rapid and blitz.

In the first game, Annie Wang won spectacularly, with the precision and creativity of a Grandmaster.

In a must-win situation, Nazi Paikidze delivered in the second rapid game.

Annie picked the Black pieces in the Armageddon game and repeated the previous game, hoping to improve with more active play with moves such as ….f5. Unfortunately for Wang, Paikidze had also improved upon her opening play and instead of pushing her pawn to g4, she manouevered her knight to the critical g4 square. With the extra minute, Paikidze pressed her time advantage and got a strategically dominant position out of the opening.

Congratulations to Nazi Paikidze on her victory, good for $25,000, an Olympic team spot and her second US Women’s Championship title. The Las Vegas resident also won the event in 2016.

Annie Wang also has a lot to be proud of, including an 11-round IM norm, and the second prize check of $18,000.

Find more information on and chess24. Relive our twitter takeovers from IM Eric Rosen and Vanessa West on our twitter feed or using the hashtag #uschesschamps.


  1. Why is the money not pooled and split? Most playoffs are for trophies and titles…not larger prizes.

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