Medal Watch in Italy: Jennifer Yu on Board One in Final Round

Jennifer Yu at the World Girls Under 20

Jennifer Yu (Virginia, USA) will play on board one at the final round of the World Junior Girls Championship in Tarvisio, Italy (Nov 12-26). Yu won a key penultimate round victory to bring her to 8/10, just a point behind the leader, Zhansaya Abdumalik of Kazakhstan, who she faces tomorrow.

In today’s exciting battle against the Mongolian representative, Jennifer Yu valiantly defended her dark square weaknesses, after which she forced mate on her opponent’s weakened light squares.

Jennifer’s team-mate and friend Emily Nguyen has an even score after ten rounds.

Emily Nguyen in Tarvisio

In the Open section, Grandmaster Awonder Liang has 6/10, while Aryan Tari of Norway leads with a round to go.

Follow along on the official site and chess results. 

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