2018 Scholastic Regulations

The Scholastic Council and the Executive Board have approved the 2018 Scholastic Regulations. This year’s regulations can found here.

Substantive changes to this year’s regulations include:

–        Clarifies the main US Chess point of contact for the 2018 Scholastic Regulations as being the Director of Events (Boyd Reed, 931.787.1234)

–        Clarifies Section Change Requests (Section 11.2.2)

–        Recommends that Player Eligibility questions be directed to the Director of Events at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the tournament (Section 12.1.1)

–        Replaces School Definition in the Team Composition Section (Section 13.2.1)

–        Clarifies Home School Team Definition (Section 13.3.1)

–        Adds Homes School Team Type for Home School Cooperatives at the High School level (Section 13.3.2)

–        Adds Virtual School Team Types (Section 13.4.2)

–        Updates Spectator Behavior to clarify cell phone use in the playing/spectator areas for both talking and photography. (Sections 21.6.3, 21.6.4)

–        Makes minor modifications to the Scholastic Blitz Rules (Appendix A)

–        Makes minor modification to the Scholastic Bughouse Rules (Appendix B)

If you have questions about the regulations, please contact Boyd Reed, Director of Events.

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