[NEWSFLASH] Abhi Mishra Earns IM Norm #3, “GM Karjakin: I’m Coming.”

Abhi at the Bay Area International Photo David Llada

Rising superstar Abhimanyu Mishra earned his third IM norm at the GM Maxim Academy Closed event in New York City. Mishra has now, pending processing rating reports and verifying norms from US Chess & pending ratification from FIDE*, broken the record for the youngest International Master in World history at 10 years, nine months and three days. Abhi told CLO just a couple months ago that his goal was to defeat the record previously held by now GM Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa of India. Mishra narrowly did just that, beating the Indian prodigy’s feat by just a few weeks. Mishra’s second norm was at the Los Angeles Fall GM and IM Norm tournament, the event that raised his rating over 2400, to meet the rating requirement for the IM title.

Next up for Abhi: Naturally, the GM title. He told CLO that he is now after GM Sergey Karjakin’s record as the youngest GM in history. Sergei achieved that goal at 12 years and seven months, giving Abhi just under two years to get it done. With his success so far, don’t bet against it.

Here is one of Abhi’s games from the recent event, a draw against GM Oliver Barbosa.

Find out more about Abhi and his goals on his gofundme page. You can also find a detailed story on Abhi on chessbase, and follow him at https://www.instagram.com/abhimanyu.mishra2509/

*Update 11/12/19: This article will be updated as more news comes in pending ratification from FIDE and processing the rating reports and norms from US Chess. 

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