Results are in at the National Open: Nyzhnyk Wins!

Results are in at the National Open (June 11-16), the Main Event at the Las Vegas International Chess Festival.  GM Illia Nyzhnyk defeated Timur Gareyev in the final round to take down the title in clear first with 7/9, winning $8000!

[pgn] [Event "?"] [Site "?"] [Date "2019.06.17"] [Round "?"] [White "Nyzhnyk, Illya"] [Black "Gareyev, Timur"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "C70"] [PlyCount "109"] [SourceVersionDate "2019.06.17"] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 g6 5. d4 exd4 6. Nxd4 Bg7 7. Nxc6 bxc6 8. Nc3 Ne7 9. Be3 O-O 10. Qd2 d5 11. O-O-O Rb8 12. Bh6 Qd6 13. Bb3 dxe4 14. Bxg7 Qxd2+ 15. Rxd2 Kxg7 16. Nxe4 Rb5 17. Re1 Nf5 18. Nc3 Rc5 19. Re4 h5 20. Na4 Ra5 21. Rd3 Nh6 22. Re2 h4 23. Rc3 Rf5 24. f3 Rd8 25. Nc5 a5 26. Ba4 Ng4 27. h3 Ne5 28. Ne4 g5 29. Rd2 Rxd2 30. Kxd2 Be6 31. Bb3 Bd5 32. Nf2 Rf4 33. Rc5 a4 34. Bxd5 cxd5 35. Rxd5 Nc4+ 36. Kc3 Ne3 37. Re5 Nf1 38. Rxg5+ Kf6 39. Rc5 Ne3 40. Ng4+ Nxg4 41. hxg4 h3 42. gxh3 Rxf3+ 43. Kb4 Rxh3 44. Kxa4 Rh4 45. Kb5 Rxg4 46. a4 Ke6 47. a5 Kd7 48. a6 Kc8 49. a7 Kb7 50. Rxc7+ Ka8 51. c4 f5 52. c5 Rd4 53. b4 f4 54. Ka6 Rd8 55. b5 1-0[/pgn]
Streamer and bullet legend GM Andrew Tang won the Walter Browne Memorial Blitz tournament.

GM Andrew Tang, Photo Tim Hanks

Other special events at the veritable chess festival included a simul by GM Fidel Corrales and live analysis from GM Melik Khachiyan.

Women's Program Director Jennifer Shahade gave a simul and signing of our recent Women's themed US Chess Publications at the International Youth Festival. She also interviewed U.S. Women's Open Champion Megan Lee for Ladies Knight, a podcast that will drop tomorrow, Tuesday June 18.

Browse full results of the Main Event and sides here, and look for the full story from IM John Watson later in the week. Also find great reporting and photos in the daily newsletters from NTD David Hater, featuring Tim Hanks photography.


In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Any norms made at the event?

In reply to by Lawrence Cohen (not verified)

Oh, wow, it's 9 rounds now. Things change...

In reply to by Lawrence Cohen (not verified)

There were two norms earned in the event. Annie Wang made a WGM norm and Aleksey Sorokin mane an IM norm. However, both norms are extra. Annie Wang has enough norms for the WGM title. Aleksey Sorokin has about 30 IM norms. He already is over 2500 FIDE (the requirement for GM) and has two GM norms. He prefers just to skip the IM title and go straight to GM (there would be an application fee that needs to be paid for the IM title, and he likely won't be an IM for long and then would have to pay another application fee for the GM title). As soon as Sorokin makes his third norm (he has been close several times), he will be a GM. See the tournament bulletins (link is in above article) for more details, games, etc.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Congrats to the winner who also routinely ties for 1st or wins World Open top section. By the way, CCA also had a tournament that needs coverage for that weekend. GM Elshan M originally from Iran won and lesser but still very strong players such as FM Joshua Colas and NM James Black, and others, competed with well played and interesting games. NM Daniel Clancy took offense to having one of his losses spectated, but if only half the ballroom is being used it may get crowded.

In reply to by Mark Ashland, … (not verified)

I agree with Mark Ashland, more tournaments on the east coast need to be covered as well the ones internationally or on the west coast. There are plenty of strong players like ones Mark mentioned that should be covered as well.

In reply to by Frank Sohrabi (not verified)

Mark and Frank: Thank you for the comments. I agree we need to write articles on these events. I am trying to do that now. I try to cover all CCA events (even ones I don't attend), but I cannot be at all events, and it is very difficult to keep up. Entering games actually takes the most time (more difficult when I'm not at the event and scoresheets have to be sent to me). Unfortunately, many times by the time I have a chance to enter games, the tournament isn't "news" anymore. I am still in Las Vegas (at the airport headed home). I will try to get some coverage as soon as possible. I am presently about one week behind because I have been exclusively doing National Open for the last 8 days and literally have not had time for anything else. David Hater, Continental Chess Association

In reply to by Mark Ashland, … (not verified)

OT Hey Mark are being too modest in your signature. You may be under 2200, but you are still a NM! It's true that we have the Life Master title which would floor you at 2200...and you don't have that yet. But even the NM certificate is for "life."

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

i enjoyed this tournament when it wasn't divided into so many sections.

In reply to by scot l henderson (not verified)

Scot: Have you ever played the U S Open? That is still an open tournament in the true sense of the term.

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