Christmas on the Road: Top U.S. Players Travel to Bay Area and St. Petersburg

US Chess wishes a merry Christmas to all our members and chess devotees, as well as luck and warmth to many of our top players on the road. Earlier this month, FIDE announced a new location for the World Rapid and Blitz Championships, St. Petersburg, Russia. Among the US contenders is the 2018 Grand Chess Tour champion, Hikaru Nakamura. Many of the top players in the World are also in the mix, including World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Other American players include former FIDE World Championship challenger Gata Kamsky, U.S. Open Champion Timur Gareyev, IM Leonid Sokolin and bullet legend and new Grandmaster Andrew Tang. Follow the entire American squad on World Champion Grandmaster Ju Wenjun headlines the Women's Rapid and Blitz World Championships, along with GM Anna Muzychuk,"> who gave a TED talk which detailed her decision not to play in last year's edition in Saudi Arabia.  Lennart Ootes posted some photos of the spectacular opening ceremony. Round one begins at 6:30 AM ET on December 26th and runs through December 30.  You can find more info and watch the games on the official site.  Meanwhile, college students are traveling in the opposite direction, as the Pan-American Championships (December 27-30) head to San Francisco, California. Top games will be broadcast live at Al Lawrence and Vanessa Sun will be covering the event for CLO and our social media accounts respectively. Acclaimed photographer David Llada also spent the holiday en route to San Francisco to cover the Pan-Ams, so watch his twitter feed for snaps and observations.


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TO MR DAVID LLADA .. TELL ME ABOUT IT! not feel like the lone ranger... I am as shocked as you are...the direct uncensored US CHESS link even on this page which is really a totally new / less than 8 week old uncensored US CHESS news policy via twitter etc. (ALL SEARCH ENGINES ARE NOW LINKED RIGHT TO THEIR US CHESS ARTICLES INCLUDING EVEN MASSIVE SAVAGE CHESS CRITICS LIKE YOURS VERY TRULY /FULL UNCENSORED CONTENT WORLDWIDE.. we be da big boys and girls on the beach ..the source!.. ..ALL THE CHESS NEWS THAT FITS..US CHESS ..THE SOURCE PERIOD.. ) is suddenly dropping all of the worlds great players on our doorstep..soon American players will have a fide rated title fast time control qualifier every single weekend for US players -fully backed with serious cash by US Chess..I am not kidding...The recent stupid disasterous king of the hill world title /elitism candidate/world chess championship 6 hour long games /13 day /waste of millions/ promo INSANITY monstrosity is eliminated quietly by world class events for the whole world in your own back yard..yes in Des Moines Iowa and Anchorage Alaska...and great players will soon know all about them one year in advance ...Canada's fantastic globetrotter Leon Piasetski is the one of the few North American players who lives on the internet/cellphone looking for travel deals/cheap planes and the 1,001 jump through hoops airport travel tricks to get a well deserved grandmaster norm in the Virgin Islands ..soon all chess teachers/professional people / students/retirees will have dozens fide tourney title qualifiers in their own back yards..but ideally you have to know they are happening a year in advance ...PREFERABLY TWO TOURNEYS IN SEQUENCE to really get into it. Jude Acers/ New Orleans Ps. Sir not kid yourself ..the overnight miracle replacement tourney ..GOING ON RIGHT NOW .St.Petersburg.Russia monster world championship rapid/blitz one million dollar plus event with a staggering overnight registered hundreds of elite gm players ( 4 time killer world chess champion Carlsen just lost to a16 year old plus another game in the first two rounds!!! Hellooooo..get the picture Sir David?)) the total future of world chess. Everyone will play chess quickly in the future.... or everyone will absolutely refuse to play at all. No leaving the board ever during play during this computer age....This inclusiveness (i.e WORLD SERIES OF POKER) is where mega million dollar payoff for great wonderful chess sport players (SO, NAKAMURA, CARUANA, SVIDLER, ARONIAN, GRISCHUK ,SHANKLAND ] is really going to happen...'CHESS SHOULD BE EVERYWHERE'-REX SINQUEFIELD/HBO GUMBLE CHESS SPORTS SPECIAL WITH SOLEDAD O'BRIEN priming the pump... What is totally unexpected right now is that US Chess has overnight become a world chess bulletin board...largely uncensored.. Why Now? I cannot really explain the marvelous change. US Chess GOES GLOBAL OVERNIGHT. Oh sweet it is! ......Jude Acers/ New Orleans

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