National Girls Tournament of Champs: "Be Patient and Persevere."

Annie Wang, Photo Anna Volkova from 2016 World Youth, sporting Two Sigma jacket
The 2017 National Girls Tournament of Champions, a six round invitational event, is scheduled from Norfolk, VA from July 29- August 1st in conjunction with the Denker, Barber & US Open in Norfolk, VA. Top seeds confirmed to participate include World Youth bronze medalist Annie Wang of California (15, 2289)  Marissa Li of Illinois (14, 2110) and Priya Trakru of Texas (16, 2026.) Richard and Barbara Schiffrin donated the top prize at the NGTOC in both 2016 and 2017, a $5000 scholarship to the winner's university of choice. Richard explained why encouraging girls in chess is so important:  "We want to continue to encourage more girls and women to enter fields that have traditionally been filled by boys and men--engineering, math, science, technology, to name a few. Chess is a link to those fields because it teaches relational and abstract thinking, along with patience and perseverance."
Jennifer Yu, on the rise, won the National Girls Tournament of Champions in 2016, and tied for first in the 2015 event. Photo Spectrum Studios 2017
The US Chess National Girls Tournament of Champions (formerly the National Girls Invitational Tournament) is a tournament of champions for girls from across the United States.  It is held annually in the model of the Denker and Barber Tournaments in conjunction with the US Open


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[…] the full list of Barber participants here, and the Denker participants here. Find a summary of the National Girls Invitational here  and the list of participants at […]

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The National Girls Tournament of Champions website is now using the following domain name: If by accident you use the old domain (, you will be forwarded to the NGTOC website with no problem. Check out the 2017 list of participants and cheer on your state affiliate champion.

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[…] we last previewed the National Girls Tournament of Champions (NGTOC), World Youth gold medallist Rochelle Wu of Alabama has entered. To learn more about Rochelle’s […]

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