Jean Hoffman Announces Departure From US Chess

Jean After a successful four year stint, Jean Hoffman is leaving US Chess to pursue other opportunities. Hoffman says, "It has been an honor to serve as Executive Director of US Chess during these exciting and productive past few years. Looking to the future, I remain committed to US Chess and its mission, and am excited to see how the organization continues to grow and succeed in the coming years." Before her work with US Chess, Hoffman was also devoted to education and the development of chess in the country. She co-founded 9 Queens, worked with Chess-in-The-Schools in New York and has a Masters degree in Urban Education from Harvard. She came to US Chess in 2013, and oversaw the transition from the federation from a 501(c)(4) to a (c)(3). US Chess President Gary Walters highlights the many achievements during Jean's tenure at the federation, from, the Fall of 2013 and set to continue through approximately November 2017. "Jean leaves the Federation better in every conceivable way compared to the day she arrived. To only scratch the surface, the Federation is now securely in the black for the first time in several decades, membership has grown significantly, women's chess had advanced leaps and bounds, more rated games have been played each year of her tenure than the year before, we have undergone the complex transition from a 501(c)(4) to a (c)(3), and we are now known as "US Chess," a descriptive name change that makes us instantly recognizable to everyone in the country. In four years, she has made us remarkably better. Her steady hand has further made working for US Chess fun again, and it is once more a pleasure to serve on the Executive Board. We will not be able to fully express our gratitude to Jean, but let's try. She will be with us for several more months. As you encounter Jean around the country, on the phone, or in written communications, please say thank you. She is going to be sorely missed by us all." Look for details on this website later this week on the search for an Executive Director.
US Chess Executive Board (standing, l. to r.) Randy Bauer (Former US Chess board member), Jean Hoffman - Executive Director, Charles Unruh, Michael Nietman; (seated, l. to r.) Mike Hoffpauir, Gary Walters - President, Allen Priest and Anjelina Belakovskaia. Photo Anne Buskirk


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Awesome Job Executive Director Hoffmann! The best of luck to you in your next endeavors! Qa1# ! :)

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Jean, you have set the standard for the position on Executive Director. Your professionalism and task-oriented approach to every facet of the organization has brought about a renewed enthusiasm for the potential of US Chess. Thank you!

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We were very lucky to have Jean Hoffman as the executive director. Best of luck in all your future pursuits!

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Jean was a joy to work with and provided much energy, attention to detail and leadership to the Office and the Executive Board. I am sorry to see her leave but expect that she will continue to be active in advancing the US Chess mission in the years to come.

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We were very lucky to have you for four years, Jean!

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Sorry to see you go. You've been a fantastic breath of fresh air for the organization.

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ABSOLUTELY THE RIGHT/ FABULOUSLY OVER QUALIFIED NEW YORK BASED FUND RASIING PERSON AT THE WRONG TIME IN US CHESS HISTORY..she was given the impossible crushing job of raising in her tremendous civil,polite,intelligent fact based fashion FUNDS THAT WERE NEVER GOING TO WORLD TOP TEN PLAYERS H. NAKAMURA, CARUANA ,SO or the BAKU WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP USA CHESS TEAM CHAMPIONHIP PLAYERS... all great pro players. The aftermath of not SPONSORING fierce fast time control IN EVERY SINGLE US STATE -FIDE AND USCF DUAL RATED RAPID ALWAYS! media grabbing chess tourneys PLUS abandoning the national pro championship in abject defeatism.. 'we the richest nation on earth cannot hold a world chess team Olympiad in America and here are the 16 reasons why" ..but kiddieland trophy adventures for people going off to college at age 18, giving up chess... doomed the federation long term and led directly to ominous knocking on the door replacement by world chess central ..THE ST. LOUIS SCHOLASTIC AND CHESS CENTER.(thanks billionaires Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield for literally saving the lives of very great players from the very US chess federation itself) The late Frank Berry, a USCF president who PERSONALLY FINANCED two US championships before dying.. severely warned that the business of the US chess federation SHOULD BE SPONSORING CHESS TOURNAMENT AND NOTHING BUT CHESS TOURNAMENTS (10 USCF GRAND NATIONALS.. AND NOTHING BUT )..forget all that other stuff. Four million dollars plus in ancient unsettled lawsuits also destroyed this very well meaning organization's present day mobility.The horrendous million dollar plus mistake in FRAUDULENTLY removing,persecuting beyond belief a totally innocent.. elected by a landslide outsider .. international chess grandmaster and real chess pro SUSAN POLGAR also cost the present administration dearly.. THOUGH TODAYS LEADERSHIP WAS IN NO WAY PRESENT OR RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS TERRIBLE ERROR.A harvest of shame upon the totally innocent. Had the world class executive Jean Hoffman been present ... NO WAY THIS WOULD HAVE EVER HAPPENED. Too late now to back the great world Baku TEAM USA Olympiad team grandmasters and their contemporaries who were less than a decade ago sleeping on hotel floors, in abandoned service stations or in the woods, almost starving and in numerous hidden ways running for their very lives. As world top ten chess immortal TEAM USA WORLD CHAMPION Nakamura told me in New Orleans (just before breaking worldwide with 9 monster international tourney victories) " I live in St.Louis because they support me, care about me." Yes Sir, like platinum selling recording artist Aaaron Neville of my beloved city... "Tell it like it is" Mr.Nakamura! and of course ... Good winds on your future spirited journeys always Jean Hoffman...a civilized person, my goodness gracious!..we did not deserve you. Jude Acers/ New Orleans,Louisiana

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Among other factual errors, Frank Berry was never US Chess President. That would have been his brother Jim. Given this basic error, take all the rest with a large grain of NaCl.

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Dear Mr. Frank Bauer- Greetings! Please read on the brand spanking new, sparkling and terrific fast, vast US CHESS WEBSITE...FRANK KIM BERRY (1945-2016)"Tribute to a Conservationist" with incredible, wonderful raging totally uncensored commentary by readers and avid Berry fans.Just another WONDERFUL breath of US CHESS fresh air made possible by US chess sudden policy- all are welcome to speak, disagree. The late Mr. Frank Berry... quite savage... was proven 1,000 per cent correct.... sorry to the man who almost singlehandedly saved American chess( and maybe the very lives of several world top ten grandmasters!) with a powerful policy board chess handoff to St.Louis and the billion dollar Rex and Jean Sinquefield St. Louis Chess and Scholastic Center..YOU AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU MADE THE US CHESS FEDERATION / US CHESS freedom for all to comment upon in strict wonderful uncensored glory and I really do not understand how you were able to finally achieve this given the very real dead on arrival horror you encountered.. I thank is an honor to write these uncensored words however critical.FRANK AND US CHESS PRESIDENT JIM BERRY(thanks for the correction Mr. Bauer) ORGANIZED,read "saved"/ TOTALLY FINANCED TWO ( circa 2006) US CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS BEFORE YOUR INCREDIBLE USCF BOARD / ST.lOUIS CONNECTIONS MOVED CHESS INTO ANOTHER WONDEROUS ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE. See the above first rate US CHESS obituary/ article for Mr. Frank Berry uncensored opinions/all details .. On another matter you would never believe how many times your recent unexplained resignation puzzled everyone in print...In terms of information as you know so very much AND WITH NO BLAME OR ACCUSATION TOWARD THEE Mr. Bauer four questions in time for a no nonsense master of finance/ business, a man who certainly knows where the bodies are.. 1.How many millions of dollars in legal costs did US Chess lose in persecuting/forcing removal of elected by a landslide, hugely popular mega chess promoter/ 5 time WEBSTER COLLEGE national collegiate championship coach (AND TOTALLY INNOCENT OF ANY WRONGDOING) serious chess pro Grandmaster Susan Polgar?(please include all of her legal expenses which US chess had to pay as well in the final unbelievable settlement) As a professional chess promoter in more than 1,000 chess locations over 65 years worldwide.. I can guarantee that "the good ole boy" US Chess persecution of Grandmaster Susan Polgar cost US chess millions of dollars in lost donations and engendered a very real hatred of US Chess beyond measure, though this entire event occurred years ago. 2. Are you in any way personally RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTINUED PERSECUTION/ DESCRIMINATION AND BANNING OF WORLD CLASS PLAYER/ TITANIC CHESS ORGANIZER AND 5 TIME NATIONAL WEBSTER COLLEGE CHAMPIONSHIP COACH/INTERNATIONAL CHESS GRANDMASTER SUSAN POLGAR, ALREADY QUALIFIED 100 TIMES OVER ...FROM ADMISSION TO THE CHESS HALL OF FAME? 3. DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A FAIR AND HONORABLE PERSON? 4. What was the total OUT OF POCKET cost to US chess of the million dollar laughed out of court / three nation lawsuit ... a by all news accounts totally insane frivolous law suit filed by the Board versus the world chess federation (FIDE)I am told it was just under $400,000 out of pocket plus US Chess legal costs.Surely I am badly mistaken.... all of this is fiction, none of this can really be right in the least and taken with grains of salt as you suggest. Forget it, trust us....obey your leader! Please enlighten all of the innocent, QUITE SILLY, blundering about in the wilderness , totally unknowing children like me. Surely none of this ever happened. I am just making it all up. The other path would be to hold chess tournaments and nothing but chess tournaments(THANKS MR. FRANK BERRY!) like the world you and your pronto moving crew magnificently helped create in St. Louis with a nifty "we can't do it alone" lateral pass. That appears the correct, successful, honorable way. Chess without hatred and admitting past errors committed by someone perhaps long gone from US Chess matters.Of course, the very best.. Good winds to you always and make no mistake you were a definite plus. Jude Acers/ New Orleans

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Thank you Ms. Hoffman for all the wonderful things that you've done for US Chess! Best moves (afterall, there's no luck in chess) in all of your future endeavors! :-)

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[…] also grateful for Jean Hoffman, who improved the federation substantially during her four year stint as ED, and is helping me with this […]

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