Prateek Pinisetti: My K-12 Scholastic Journey

The 2017 National K-12 Championships underway in Orlando, Florida this week will forever be a fond memory. As a senior in  high school, this time of the year passes like a blitz game: over before you know it.  Between college applications/interviews, school, it seems like there’s little time for anything else. However, chess can be relaxing and a tournament is an enjoyable break from writing essays.

My US Chess journey started in fourth grade, with my first Grade Nationals in fifth grade at the Disney Coronado Resort in Orlando. I got a ‘tied for trophy’ and was absolutely thrilled with my first Nationals trophy. After that I went to on to win many other trophies and placed as a co-champion in 7th and 8th grades.

Here is a collage of all the times I attended this tournament through the years. There is a spot for one more picture which will complete the collage and this chapter in my chess journal. The tournament was held in the Disney Coronado three times in the last 6 years, with a picture of me in the same spot each time!

I plan to take a picture for the final time in this innocuous spot behind the blue door and the potted palms! Although my Nationals adventures may be coming to a close, I’ll always remember this tournament.

BASIS Chandler team trophy first place 8th grade with Jake Hum and Rahul Reddy, another highlight of my chess journey.

Here is the game that let me tie for co-champion in 2012:

The K-12 Championships are now in full swing, and you can follow Prateek’s section, the 12th grade Championships here. Follow the @USChess twitter feed and our instagram story feed. 

Pairings and results here, and live games from the top boards here. 


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