Spring Ahead by Improving Your Endgame

When I first started playing chess, I spent a lot of time studying the opening. Inspired by the World Champion at the time, Garry Kasparov, I spent hours memorizing lines in the Sicilian and King’s Indian and dreamed of catching my opponent with my opening “preparation.”

However, twenty years later, older and perhaps a little wiser, I find myself preferring to study the endgame.

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FM Yuanchen Zhang vs Benjamin Moon

Five Days in Charlotte: The 2017 GM/IM Invitational

As Alejandro Ramirez explained in his March 2016 US Chess News article, the round robin format is a rarity in the United States. American swiss tournament grinders are used to doing most of their opening preparation before each open event, having at most 30 minutes to prepare for specific opponents once pairings are posted.

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chess pawn king

How to Win After a Blunder

“Blundering your queen immediately is bad, not blundering your queen is good.” Amateur player Eliot Rosenstock gives some insight and wisdom into how to recover from a blunder.

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