Ilye and his grandson, Gabriel, the future generation of chess in his family. Photo: Cecilia Figler

IM Ilye Figler (1947–2018)

If you are a regular to the Marshall Chess Club in New York City, you will certainly come across his name on numerous wall charts or recognize his face at one of the top boards during their weekly or weekend tournaments over the last 15 years or so.

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Thomas Babcock1

The December Check Is in the Mail

Thomas Babcock of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, is no stranger to winning first place in a John Collins event, having done so in 2008, 2009, and 2013.  Now he wins for a fourth time.

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Giants of Cleveland Chess (left to right): Andy Wishnek, Richard Kause, James Harkins, Richard Noel and Tom Wozney

James Harkins (1929-2017)

Today strong players are produced all over the United States, but it wasn’t long ago that New York City was by far the number one chess center in the country with a huge gap between the Big Apple and the next city. One contender for number two from roughly 1946 to the late 1990s was Cleveland.

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