How to Study Chess

I can trace nearly every peak rating I’ve ever had to the time I spent studying a specific book. A good chess book holds an entire world of understanding within its pages.

How do you choose the books that will help you improve the most?

And, is there an optimum way to study?

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Review: Tal Move by Move

What stuck with me the most was the incredible energy that Tal brought to the chessboard. He saw opportunities for activity and the initiative in positions where others, even top grandmasters, saw just pieces chaotically scattered across the board.

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Review: Another Fischer Book!?

My first reaction to Fischer: Move by Move by Cyrus Lakdawala, was one of anticipation. Fischer is one of my favorite players to study. His games are masterpieces. And his eccentric life story has always provided an interesting background to his unparalleled accomplishments.

My second thought was: In the midst of the many, many books I’ve already seen about Fischer, could this one offer new material?

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