Author Chat: Boris Avrukh

The June 2019 issue of Chess Life includes a review of Grandmaster Boris Avrukh’s newest book with Quality Chess, Grandmaster Repertoire 2B: 1. d4 Dynamic Systems. (You can read Chess Life June 2019 Book Review, courtesy of US Chess.)

Longtime Chess Life reviewer and new US Chess Digital Editor John Hartmann recently “sat down” with Avrukh to discuss the book.

Among the topics discussed are his ten total books, the role of correspondence games in his research, why he still uses Stockfish 8, and his future projects. GM Avrukh also shows CLO readers a fascinating game from the recently completed 2019 Chicago Open.

This is the first in an occasional series of video chats with authors here at CLO, and as such, our recording process ran into a few problems, particularly with the audio. But the content was so good, and the problems so slight, that we decided not to re-record and go with our original video. We hope you agree that the immense quality of GM Avrukh’s thoughts are worth the audio bobbles!

Contact information for GM Avrukh:

Email: [email protected]


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