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The round before the rest day is important in any event, but perhaps even more so in a team tournament. The result might change the mood and team… Read More »
Fabiano Caruana, the hero of the US-India match, Photo David Llada Round four of the Olympiad in Batumi was an extremely exciting and… Read More »
The organizational chaos that was seen in the first two days of the Batumi Olympiad has mostly died down, and the round is now starting on time!… Read More »
Captain Melikset Khachiyan described today as “today… excelento!”Read More »
The Reykjavik Open has come to a close, with both good stories and disappointing results for the Americans. To continue the theme from my… Read More »
The traditional Reykjavik Open is under way in Iceland, and it is a special year here in Iceland. Read More »
The Kasparov Chess Foundation celebrated it’s 15th Anniversary this weekend with a gala at the New York Athletic Club. The event was held in two… Read More »
Photo David Llada Our final round pairing against our northern neighbors seemed fortuitous on paper, but USA wasn't able to wipe out the… Read More »
Photo David Llada The penultimate round in Baku was a blazing affair on most boards for the American Open team. The games were fast and… Read More »
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