Sarosy (2)

The August Check Is in the Mail

“Correspondence play reinforces a player’s combinative ability by giving him time and leisure, and freeing him from the time limitations and nervous strain of international tournament play.”


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Somnath Mukherjee

The July Check Is in the Mail

This is a violent game filled with unexpected twists as Black consistently hunts down the White forces using his superior development. This game is not for the faint of heart who might root for the White pieces.

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The June Check Is in the Mail

“Correspondence ought to make one’s play more accurate and far-seeing and is also suitable for people living in villages or in poor health or who find the strain and excitement too much for the overstrung nerves and who are thus put to considerable disadvantage with hardier opponents.” -James Pierce

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The May Check Is in the Mail

“I don’t have the patience for correspondence or the hands for bullet.”

-Magnus Carlsen on limiting himself to three world titles – standard, blitz, and rapid.

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The March Check is in the Mail

Samir Alazawi, originally from Baghdad, Iraq, and now of Carmichael, California, has won the 2013 Electronic Knights Championship.   Samir took a difficult path to the…

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